Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MiMi's 7th Birthday Party

My daughter turned 7 on March 10th. For weeks I had toyed back and forth with the idea of a birthday party. She rarely has them because people rarely show. I usually just do them at home with my  parents or family. Of course there was her 2nd birthday I held at Chucky Cheese - that was a great success, but I wanted something different.
(But first, photos :) -

There needed to be a budget, but I was broke and if I held it at a venue, it would only be an hour at most, and in a rush and if no one showed I was still out money per kid up to 10 kids.


I even thought against a party at one point.

But my WWMMD? (what would my mama do?) conscious kicked in. Yes, what would my mama do.

Well, at that age, she'd throw my a party at the house. 

And, after all, you are only a child ONCE. May as well make the most of your child's childhood.

So with 4 days left to plan, I stalked bounce house venues, until I found one that suited my needs. I found True Value in Fayetteville, NC. For $288 (taxes and delivery/set up) I had rented a bounce house/slide combo, 3 8 foot long tables, 20 chairs, a Cotton Candy machine with enough to make 30 spools of cotton candy (the cotton candy they gave us actually made waaaaaaay more), & a bean bag toss game.

I know - it sounds like A LOT of money.

It is, BUT, let me tell you, I had it from 12 pm Saturday right up till Monday morning when the friendly staff picked it up. It was the best party I have ever had, and ended up being cost efficient. I'd pay $288 bucks taxes included ANY DAY not to have to clean my house after a bunch of little ones ;D  Plus, the kids had a blast. When the party was over, we enjoyed the bounce house ourselves! - The next day the kids had a few more friends over to have fun all over again. My daughter truly had a blast. 4 days planning was short notice, BUT it was one of the best times I've had in my life. I made home made cupcakes, we ordered cheap $5 pizzas from little ceasers and served dollar store soda in 3 liter bottles and Hawaiian punch for the guests.

So was $288 a lot of money? When you take into account the fun had by all, the fact you don't have to clean a house up after an army of children (and adults), it was worth EVERY red cent :)

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