Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday night accident..

So I went to take MiMi to spend the night at my parents house Saturday night, it was about 8 pm. I stayed to watch a movie and left 10 before 10 pm. I was sitting at a complete stop waiting for cars to pass so I could make a left hand turn to go home when I look in my rear view mirror and see this car hauling you know what. I think, well they will slow down, when i realize they aren't slowing at all, I look down close my eyes and say a prayer. It happened so fast I don't remember every detail, just throwing my hand in front of my face as I was shoved forward but not having enough time to block my head as it was thrown back into the head rest. I remember my knees hurting but the pain in my head quickly made me forget all about my legs. I sat there with my hand on my head shaking. I couldn't even call the cops. I just sat there confused. At some point someone came to my car and asked if I was alright or hurt. I said my head hurt really bad when I hit it and could they please call the cops for an accident report.

I remember calling my Dad to call Doug since I never get through on Doug's phone. and I remember calling 911 after that, 10 minutes must of gone by and I was so confused I don't remember exactly what I told the 911 operator, other than I was trying to remember the name of the road and my head hurt badly but I didn't know if it was my blood pressure or what.

Eventually when I got my composure as cars sped past us, I pulled over to the grassy shoulder and put my E lights on.

I got out of my car and as I did the ambulance and fire dept showed up. I didn't know what to say other than I was shaken and I didn't know much else. I told them to go on and I didn't want to take their time if someone else needed them more. I said I would have Doug take me to the hospital to check my head.

The cops asked questions, and I honestly don't remember much else. I remember the driver telling me in her exact words, "I am so sorry, I told my mom I needed new tires". All I could think is, you didn't even stop, or try, she was speeding, I know that much, she was going so fast.

This is what her car looked like after she hit me while I was at a dead stop (courtesy of Doug):
I have no clue how they were not hurt, but I am thankful they were not.

My car was pushed so far. It wrinkled the top of my car up by the back glass, it pushed my trunk open, pushed the wheels off the ground, knocked the tail lights out of the sockets and the bumper was a mangled mess of evidence of where her car road on top of mine.

The tow truck showed up, and the officer gave me an exchange slip. I went to the hospital where they did a CT scan, I tried to avoid it but they said they needed to do it. I as given a prescription and told to come back in 2 days to do a follow up.

We called our insurance last night, I guess we call the local office tomorrow since nothing will be open until Monday. I don't know if my vehicle is salvageable, I just pray they cover enough to replace the exact same kind of car.

I will say from the looks of the car, I am so thankful God answered my prayers. I am most thankful that I decided at the last minute to leave Ethan with Doug. Had either of my kids been in the car I would of gone insane.

I just pray this is not going to be a long drawn out process. I have no car to take my daughter to school so she is staying with me tomorrow (it was a half day anyway) and I have to call to figure out how to get her on the crowded bus schedule now.

My head is still pounding, my neck and lower back started with the stiffness, but those aches are manageable and not too severe. The only thing I hate is this never ending headache. I took one of my prescriptions but I am not a fan of medication so will only take it again if it becomes worse.

I am so thankful it was not worse..

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