Monday, March 26, 2012

Accident updates

My head hurts. It hurts so bad. It's like a never ending LITERAL headache since Saturday night. First it throbbed and was achy all over. Now it's like someone is taking a knife, or ice pik and shoving it in my brain and twisting it and pulling it out. It's aweful. I would not wish it on anyone. It's hard to focus on my kids when my head just won't stop bothering me. Sunday night I took my first dosage of TY3. It made me puke so hard Iwill never take it again. I am NOT a fan of medication anyway, but this pain just lingers. My 118/77 blood pressure days have turned into 158/102 days. I now it's the pain causing the spike.

Other times it feels like my head is a water balloon being filled with water and it's so stuffy and full. :(

After puking my TY3 up last night I noticed swelling the length of a water bottle under my right breast bone. It was so painful when I sat or leaned forward. Today (Monday) I went to the doctor's for a follow up. They diagnosed me with Motor vehicle related cephalgia (from the headaches) and abdominal contusion.

I just want the headaches to stop:(

The worst part of all of this is Geico has yet to call me, yet to return Doug's phone calls and the adjuster is impossible to reach. Because of this we went through our agency (State Farm), who says they will go after GEICO. And apparantly when GEICO feels good and ready they will contact me to settle. To be honest? I don't now if I will. Their lack of compassion is ridiculous, as far as I am concerned I can just keep visiting the doctor for this pain on THEIR tab.

You don't even realize how sore you are when you hit your head until the following days. When I hit my head so hard all i could focus on wast he immense pain and immediate headache. It was so bad I didnt even remember hitting my knees (which are now bruised up as well). Or that the seat belt shoved so far into my ribs that it swelled up my liver area.

I really do pray none of this gets worse and it works itself out. And I am thankful to State Farm for causing less stress by taking this over. I really despise GEICO at the moment, 3 days after my accident and no contact? Someone needs to lose their job :/

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