Friday, March 30, 2012

headache, headache, go away!!

It's so annoying to sit with my children and have these sporadic knife/ ice pick like jabs in my head. They are mostly in the back left, but just seem to radiate all over when they feel like it. It will be interesting to find what the chiropractor finds. I pray I never get rear ended again. Actually, I pray I never get in a car accident again. I pride myself on being a good driver. I have never in my life had a speeding ticket or any other kind of ticket.

Just today as I dropped MiMi off to school some one wasn't looking and cuts me off. I beep the horn to let them know "hey look out, I saved your butt". They just waved and smiled. (shrug). Who wants to get in an accident? Not me (again). And would avoid one at all cost. This sucks.

The backs of my ankles feel strained too. I wonder if it's because  I wore healed boots when she hit me? Probably unrelated. Who knows? My ankles don't concern me. My head does. I can careless about any other minor petty stuff that I have going on, but the headaches are just beyond aggravating.

Especially when you are the only caregiver for your two kids, you just can not rest. and it linger and lingers. I will be happy once I find relief from this all.

Doug is out money from a day of work, I am going to be out money for a baby sitter and a prescription and I am just thankful I actually have money to cover this at the moment, but it's so aggravating that money that SHOULD be for your children is going to something someone else caused. :(( NOT NOT NOT happy about this.

If I am grumpy and complaining, I apologize. I am just having a "woe is me" moment. I'll get over it once all is said and done. I guess in hindsight it could of been way worse. My kids weren't with me so that is the best blessing of all.

I want to get my chubby hands on home projects and I can't. Delays, delays. You never realize how much you do when you can't do as much. Oh well, accidents happen, it's a part of life. I just want it to be over with. :/

The car is being fixed as we speak.

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