Saturday, March 31, 2012

One Week

So, exactly a week ago, I had my accident. I see the chiropractor on Monday and hopefully he can tell me the root of these non stop headaches from the accident. The hospital didn't seem to care, it was the bare minimum. When I spoke to the chiropractor's office, they were both caring and kind. They answered any and all question's I have. And they assured me they would find where the damage was done on my body that is causing these never ending headaches. They said it is usually from compression either in the spine or neck.

All I can say is I hope it goes away. I hope they fix it. I really do.

I am so confused with the whole insurance process, I don't even know where to start. No one on the other end gives me clear cut answers and I feel they want way too much personal information. I think after my visit to the chiropractor on Monday and what I am told, I will then decide if it is in my best interest to avoid stress and just have a lawyer to the hands on. I don't understand the paper work or the releases, and I don't trust anyone to be honest. Never have, Never will.

When it comes to my health I don't trust the person trying to cut corners, sorry, I just don't.

If the lawyer charges 30% in contingency fees, it's worth it to me. All I really want is my medical bills paid. I did nothing wrong. Not a damn thing. I had been stopped for a good few minutes before this girl even sped up on me and rear ended me. I am just so bitter over it all. I told myself I wouldn't be, but after a week and having more stress from being given the run around and catching her insurance company in a lie, I don't trust them or trust they will do the right thing.

I feel they are acting on bad faith and I have my recorded conversations to prove it all.

I am not very smart, but I have enough common sense to know when to record something when someone is being fictitious with me.

Sitting on the brick steps outside watching my kids play has began to put so much stress on my mid back (which is also semi sore). I tried to browse craigs list to find a patio chair set, but really no such luck.

I won't pay full price for one, they are way too costly. So used is my way of life pretty much.

I think I am going to go to bed before I frustrate myself even more. Good night and good weekend to you all!

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