Friday, March 16, 2012

A little bit of spring..

Winter virtually never came this past year. We skipped fall and our winter was more of a fall and here we are entering what I like to refer to as "our fourth spring". I say fourth spring, only because the weather has been so random, that it would alternate between periods of cold and periods of extreme heat. As a result, the weather has tricked the plants into blooming early at least 4 times, and then consequentially killing them off with the nights cold breath.

The spring has finally come out of hiding to stay. This has been evidenced by the fact, I washed my car two days ago and the very next day it was covered in thick yellow dust (pollen). Today I sat staring out of my triple window, eyes wandering into a place of deep thought when the pine trees across the street kicked up a cloud of yellow pollen I've never seen before. It looked like a pollen tornado fell off all the trees and busied itself right into my car, porch, home, and even the dog.

The dog - once pitch black, was now dusted in pale yellow yuckiness. Bless his heart.

The bumble bees were out buzzing in the azalea bushes and the HUGE Bradford pear trees that line my neighbors and our adjoining fence were in full bloom.

They are so beautiful. God's painted pictures for me to enjoy. Only, if you have ever had a Bradford pear tree, you know they smell like FISH when they bloom. - It's pretty funny.

And so, with that thought in mind, I share with you some photos of the Bradford Pears outside my house. Natures eye candy.
Some Azalea's In My Yard:

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