Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Updates

Today I heard from the at fault person's insurance company. I gave a recorded statement on the accident itself, I am sure I left off some details as I have given the story time and again while trying to reach an adjuster to begin with.  Very frustrating. I also told about going to the hospital and my current pains (the headaches that do not subside but seem manageable, the neck aches that have gone away, the abdominal contusion healing on it's own and soreness in my back.

Later tonight  while Doug drove us to pick up dinner I started to notice my lower back was stiffening up and feeling "bruised". It's now 10:45 PM EST making it exactly 5 days and 45 minutes post accident and my lower back is killing me. I don't know what the hell..I really don't. I really assumed since the only real bother that night was my head (even though in the confusion of it all I forgot all about hitting my legs until I seen the bruises the next morning) that I would be fine. My swollen contusion showed up Sunday night and I waited to be seen for it until my follow up Monday morning.

Nothing else seemed a miss, the swelling from the contusion has all but faded away, my knee bruises had started to fade as well into a yellowy bruise. my headaches were constant until Wednesday, then they went away and came back all day today.

While thinking about this, I took the advice of my sister (who has been in a few rear end collisions and said the back pain down the road was not worth settling because it gets worse) and I scheduled to see a chiropractor.

I specifically asked if the headaches were something they could treat bc the hospital did a CT scan that later showed up normal. The person I spoke with reminded me that a CT scan only does certain look overs but the chiropractor will do his own x rays and that headaches are usually from spinal or neck injury. I never knew headaches were related to that, and am kind of mad the doctor's did not tell me.

I really hope the chiropractor can pin point the location that is causing them and resolve it. I also disagree with the police report that said she was doing 35, after seeing her in my rear view and looking at both our cars, there is no way. There really is no way. I literally sat there waiting to turn left and 3 cars had already passed as I was waiting for a few more to go so I could make my left turn (while fully stopped) i see her in my rear view speeding towards me, i look down and back up and she's not even slowing down. I look down and BAM.

I was so confused for a while until her passenger asked me how I was and I told him I hit my head really hard and didn't now if i was okay. I asked him to call 911 for an accident report to be done. When I called 911 myself after a few minutes and not being as confused I told the 911 operater I didn't know if i was hurt but I hit my head really hard and had a headache.

I thought this would be cut and dry. I wasn't even expecting to feel back pain 5 days later. It's ridiculous what someone's uncarefulness can do to you when you are obeying all the traffic laws.

Then getting hold of someone at her company was like a 3 ring circus. I and Doug both left messages on the original claims adjusters VM I will leave his initials (MB). He never called back. Tuesday I believe it was (maybe monday), I spoke with a guy named K. at insurance company and gave him my statement anf frustrations (unrecorded I believe) he told me my story matched hers and they accepted liability. He said he would email the info I gave him to MB. By Wednesday, I was still confused because I've never dealed with this before (accident/'insurance companies) and I called yet again, I believe the woman I spoke to was T. I told her I wanted a (insurance co name here) email invite to view my claim online. She then told me MB was not able to handle medical claims and got me a new adjuster (MBS). While talking to her I told her I spoke to K (which I did not recall his name at the time, she later gave it to me by the records). I told her he told me that they accepted responsibility. She says "he must of had his notes mixed up because our driver did not call yet".

I told her, "to stop right there, because he told me my story matched with hers 1. and 2 when state farm called geico to see if a claim had already been made, THEY (state farm) had given me the claim number, insurance adjusters name and his number).

Right after I tell her this she says, "actually miss murphy, she is calling in right now, can you please hold". STRANGE.

At that point I did not trust her and broke out my camera nad recorded the remainder of hte conversation. I figure if they are willing to lie that early on I may need it later if I need it.

Today *THURSDAY at 10:37 am* MBS calls and talks to me for a bit then I agree to give a recorded statement.  I told her the jist of the accident but probably not every single detail as I was rushed to get it out since my son was in the room and to be honest when she initially called I was on the phone with my sister and when I clicked over before saying "hello" I heard her say "Oh my GODDDD" in a sarcastic tone. Which kind of set the mood for me that I was probably going to be in over my head. I also told her about going to Cape Fear and my follow up apt. When asked how I felt now, I said I still have headaches, my neck soreness is subsiding or gone, my abdominal contusion is healing on it's own and my back is sore but probably hearling (but what do I know I am not an MD). I don't recall what else I said. Oh, the damage to my an dthe other drivers car, to which I said I am not a mechanic, but I described what I seen and told her I uploaded photos on the claim to their website. She did seem nice at the end and even answered questions about the medical billing process with my own insurance company since I had false info.

While picking mimi up from school, Ethan was asleep so I called a chiropractor to set up the apt. So far this is what's going on. I figured I'd keep track of it on my blog, because my memory is kind of in the here and now with two kids I can hardly remember where I put my keys most days when they are in my own hand.

I called an attorney but I am still debating if I want to use one. I figure if the insurance company compensates all my bills and is truly fair in the settlement I don't want to go out of my way to get an attorney, I am not out to make money but I do expect full compensation since none of this was my fault and I don't know what other help I will need in the future. One of the manyh mailers I got from attorneys and chiropractors stated some soft tissue damage can show up to 2 weeks afterwards. grief. I really hope that this isthe final pain to show up because I am over it. I have no help with my kids and I need to be the best mom I can be for them.

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