Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh Sunday Paper, How Dare You?

Today, I was eagerly awaiting my Sunday paper.

The buzz was there would be bogo (buy one get one) coupons for axe body wash and clean & clear, which made both super cheap at CVS this week.

I open my paper with excitement, only to see...


Whatever method sorts the coupons be it machine or human error, I was the unlucky lady who had the good coupons ganked from her paper today.
I sent Doug to the gas station to get me a different paper.
Nope, the good ones were also taken from this one.

I guess I will have to venture ebay for a clipping service this week and cross my fingers they get here before the sales end. Don't worry, I never spend more than 2 bucks on ebay and I always get the good suff :)

Last night Doug and I had a date.

Imagine that, a date. We have had 2 dates our entire time as parents, one in 06 when we went to visit family in FL. Another recently when his parents visited us during the holiday. It's so good to get time as a couple as opposed to always being parents.

I am firm to believe our relationship suffered initially from never having time to be a couple. So, we saw "take me home tonight". It was pretty much classic 80's and I liked it. (Please don't take my movie likes as gold, bc I have a very off taste in cinema I am told) lol.

Well, except for the tv show "Mad Men" because, let's face it, THAT'S GREAT STUFF :)

Enjoy the rest of your Sundaaay! :)