Sunday, March 13, 2011

96 cents OUT OF POCKET for 12 + in merch. & earned 4 extrabucks - CVS (3.13)

So, last week I earned 7 extrabucks..this week I grabbed the CVS circular to see what items were earning extra bucks. Remember, to always save ROLL your extra bucks, by spending them on items that earn extrabucks! (go to my links on the right and look up cvs to see past posts to explain).

So here is what I got this week, with a subtotal of ZERO bucks and only paid 96 cents out of pocket:

Here is my proof (some people don't disclose the full amount they pay out of pocket on couponing sites bc they count hte extrabucks as part of that, but i disclose ita ll)

Here is the break down of this receipt so you can score the same deal
**I am using 7 extrabucks from last week, THIS is why it is important to roll your extra bucks no matter what**

* herbal essence shampoo/conditioner store sale 2 for 5.97, THIS sunday's paper (3/13) has a buy one
get one free coupon, so 5.97 - 2.99 = 2.98 *YOU WILL EARN 2 extra bucks for buying to also*

* 16 oz bottle of irish spring body wash *only buying this to roll extrabucks*
on sale $2.99 (if you have a coupon use it, i didn't) it will also earn you 2 extrabucks

* Clean and Clear Morning burst body wash 16 ounce. on sale for $2.99
go to and download the 2 off printable coupon it will be 99 cent out of pocket

SO the first coupon subtracted you see is 2.98 (that is the buy one get one free herbal essence one)
The next coupon is the $2 off clean and clear
THEN I am rolling my 7 extrabucks form last week, one was $3 the other was $4, but my total
was 3 cent less so they price adjusted it to 3.97

Using ALL my coupons and extrabucks you see my subtotal is ZERO out of pocket
ALL I am paying is 96 cent sales tax (can't avoid taxes folks hehe)

So 96 cent out of pocket AND i got back a total of $4 in extra bucks (2 for the herbal essence and 2 for
the irish springs).

I also scanned my cvs rewards card and earned a 5 extra buck coupon at the coupon machine
for every 50 i spend in beauty purchases (this total is before coupons also)
so say i spend 50 net worth in products and only pay 10 bucks bc i had coupons - I STILL get that
5 extra bucks :)

This is what the extrabucks I earned today look like (they print on your receipt so gaurd them as if they were cash, bc THEY ARE cash, well, CVS cash) :)

Fantastic, right?! 96 cent OUT of pocket and I earned 4!! - to get started on something like this YOU will have to spend out of pocket first to earn extrabucks! But once you keep rolling them over you will be getting freebies and dirty cheapies in not time at all when you combine coupons :) Have a great week cvs'ing:) I am going to roll my 9 extrabucks more either tomorrow (since it's on the way home) or later on in the week to earn more!