Friday, April 1, 2011

Master Bedroom Room Make Over, Progress..

I don't have a before photo, but I wish I did. Some years ago my computer crashed. I lost pretty much every photo from the time MiMi was a baby until she was 3.

When we bought our home, all of the doors and baseboards/trim work was hunter green. I mean, I am sure it could look nice to some folks, but hunter green isn't inviting to me at all. (Green is my favorite color).

On a budget I would paint the trim white with kilz, then the doors. Eventually I bought new doors.

First the room was neon blue, then I decided I wanted something more subtle and calm. I went to Wal Mart, eyed two different colors and right away decided on "window pane". I have to say the 11 dollar Wal Mart brand paint went a long way in covering my ugly electric neon blue ;)

Then one day I stumbled upon the old knockoffwood blogspot page. A lovely gal named Ana who offered up FREE furniture build plans to her readers. We fell in love with the farmhouse bed plan, and we saved money and spent 250 in lumber and build this beauty:

I even covered it with some bedding I purchased but never used. While the bedding is gorgeous, I feel it would better go with tan walls, and I was not about to repaint:

So it sat for months, again, un painted, unstained, not sure what avenue I wanted to take really. Then I thought, well, the bed is a Pottery Barn inspiration, why not check out Pottery Barn bedding. Pottery Barn is NOT cheap by any means, but given the bed is a THOUSAND bucks on their site, I figured I could splurge on bedding.

And I did. I fell in love with the Sienna Paisley Duvet and Sham set:

I decided it was more than I wanted to pay, but then after a week of not purchasing it I said, well, you know what, I rarely splurge let me go ahead and impulse buy.
And one night, up later, with my bank card in hand, I did just that.

(Me, up late with a bank card is not a good idea, late nights make me less frugal) hehe. 338 bucks later (this was s&h and taxes included), the set was on it's way to me.

In the mean time I decided the craigs list dresser I bought originally for my sons sock monkey themed bedroom make over (that I am still in the process of finishing) was bigger than the retro dresser we currently have.

So I decided I would paint it white and re finish it for our room.

AND I did just that:

Then I decided I would finally go ahead and paint the farmhouse bed white to match (this weekend).

In the meantime my GOODNESS was Pottery Barn quick, the memo said I could expect my shipment to arrive April 4th. I almost didn't believe Mr. UPS when he greeted me with a package on April's Fool's Day ;)

Perfect! When it all comes together I know it will look incredible.

Now all that was left to do was find a down comforter for the duvet. I couldn't justify spending almost 200 on one at PB :( Nor at Kohl's, Target sounded tempting, but I ultimatley went with because I had a gift card and it was cheaper and the reviews were excellent, and for 60 bucks (less than that after I applied my gift card credits), I knew it would be the right choice.

SO, that being said, I plan to have a very busy weekend painting this bed, moving the dresser into our room, and starting to sand and stain the old one for Ethan's room. As soon as I finish his bed and dresser stain I will be ready to reveal his super cute low budget room renovation with a price breakdown. And I CAN NOT wait to re do ours and reveal. I'll need to buy a few accessories first, but it is just what I wanted :)

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