Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Really? Just..ew..

So earlier today, I am excited because the mail man *er lady* pulls up and I know she has a package for MiMi. Before our financial crisis if you will, I spent some of my tax return to get her an American Girl Doll.

Yeah, I know, she his "spoiled" but trust me she's not. It's usually twice a year. The rest of the year we are too poor to do much of anything, so when I have the money, it is nice to spend it on her because she's a good kid, she doesn't throw tantrums, and for what it's worth she NEVER asks me for a thing.

Ethan, well, I have a feeling he will be opposite, he's still my heart though.

Anyway I bought the kids a pool Sunday when I was out with my friend Jen. We put it up Sunday and let them play. They had a lot of fun.

Doug added shock and chlorine to it and we called it a day.

Yesterday was Ethan's birthday but we will not celebrate it until the weekend, and then of course today is a full 2 days later and I am coming back in from getting the mail/package and I check the pool..it's all good, looks clean, the whole shabang.

20 minutes later Ethan and I are walking out the door to pick up Sissy from school and he is pointing at the pool saying "dog, dog". I am like "no, that's a pool". He is persistant, "dog, dog". So I look and find this:

Ew, and *shiver*. Apparently the fact I ran over a squirrel with my car Sunday (first road kill in 12 years) wasn't enough for me, one decided he'd kill himself by jumping into the kids pool.

Being that I was on the way to get my daughter, I figured I'd fish it out when I got home. So when I got back, I laid Ethan down for his nap and went to go collect the poor critter and it was turned another way. - My guess is the dog thought it was time for an afternoon snack. YUUUU-UUUCK!! I mean c'mon you couldn't wait for me to give you some kibble? sheesh.

Thankfully he was unsuccessful in his attempts to gobble critter mcfly, and I triple garbage bagged it and tossed it out. Now I'll wait for Doug to get home and dump the water and scrub it with bleach.

Oh motherhood. And please, critters, stay away from the house ;)

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