Monday, April 18, 2011

Too close too home, Saturday's tornado in Fayetteville.

Saturday here, started off the same as it usually does. The kids were busy cluttering the house with toys, I was busy cleaning and engaging in watching the man mow the yard. Then the all to familiar weather service alerts started to blare across the tv.

Yes, they are loud and obnoxious and even interupt your viewing pleasure, but they are also wonderful in saving lives.

So at first the tornados were in Hoke County, and scattered parts of NC, I figured being all of 5 miles from Hoke, I would let D know to come on in incase one came our way. He blew it off, and I sat in the hallway for maybe 10 minutes before my children (particularly my youngest) had other plans.

And then D came back inside and the power flickered 8 times before I said, "okay go ahead and shut the circuit breaker off so nothing gets shorted". I know you are probably thinking, huh? Well, being in an old house, EVERY time the power flickers multiple times it shorts our a/c unit and we have to hire someone to come re connect it. ;)

Then the rain came. A LOT, and it was loud, and moments later, NOTHING. It was an eerie quiet. Everything was still, not a bird in the sky, not a single movement of the plants that surround our home. It was as if the world stopped for a brief moment in time and all was calm.

Little did we know behind us right down the same road that leads to the main entrance into our neighborhood, our neighbors a mile down were being ravashed with a nasty tornado.

Again, the power was out. I went on facebook mobile and seen a friend post a photo of their town home demolished. I thought, "oh did this really just happen"?

After a few moments we got in the car and went in that general direction to see how bad it was.

And it was. It was very bad. The police had blocked off roads going into Ft. Bragg and the road leading to our neighborhood. Stop lights were out, debris was strewn, trees on top of cars, cars in trees, houses completely leveled.
Video of destruction within walking distance of our neighborhood
In that moment I was thankful that by the grace of God, the tornado was so close to our home and it missed us. The calm before the storm came but the storm went right down the road. And during this moment of careful reflection I couldn't help but feel heart broken for those that have suddenly went from one moment living in their homes to now having nothing but shards of glass, and broken trusses and framework for the place they once called home.

It was a quiet ride back home, and our power remained off the entire day and the following day, and we lost our perishables, but that was nothing to the destruction and total devastation that others down the road faced.

My heart and prayers are with those effected by this tornado on Saturday. To give you an idea of the destruction, I found this video on youtube, of soldiers down the road from base who were presumably caught up in it and went to help. Though the video is wobbly, it gives you that adrenaline rush seeing someone elses first hand perspective of the aftermath right after it happened. And whomever you are, you are very kind to have gone and helped others! Bless you!

here is the second video posted from the same user. To view this users youtube you can click on the video directly:

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