Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunday ads SOMETIMES work on Saturday Evenings at CVS! Check out these deals!

My friend, Kristina, came down from Winston Salem. She is one of the best couponers I know. You can visit her coupon blog @ I met her in my junior year of highschool and adore the girl to pieces! Be sure to follow her on blogspot because she posts great coupon matchups, ways to get freebies, and great coupons!

Anyway, she told me that sometimes CVS will run their Sunday ad specials on Saturday evenings. She confirmed the local cvs did so and so we met up to get our coupon on :) I spent $2.37 out of pocket (taxes included) on $20.46 in merchandise AND made back $4 extrabucks! (one $1, and one $3). So it's like I made money off of everything technically:) It would have been even cheaper but the tooth paste was supposed to be $2.77 & earn $2.77 in extrabucks, but it was running on the Saturday sales price of $1.97 and they didn't know how to adjust it (no problem) it would of been totally fee only sales tax out of pocket for everything but I am thrilled.

Here is what I got (two sep. transactions)
NOTE: click on image to enlarge in seperate window

Tide store sale : $5.99
Colgate 6 oz. tooth paste: $1.97
Ivory Soap 3 pack : .99

Coupons used:
$1 off Tide, P&G 110 book (courtesy of Kristina)
$1 off Ivory (making it free) from the p&g mailer booklet
$1 off colgate - coupon recieved in mail
$4 extrabuck from last week's Dove promo
$1.99 extrabuck from last weeks bubbles promo (the rounded it down to 1.95)

Subtotal : FREEEE
paid .08% sales tax on original pre coupon total
= I paid .72 cent out of pocket AND made back $1 extrabuck on the Tide :)

STORE PROMO (SPEND $10 on selected cascade/mr. clean product earn $3 extrabucks)

Cascade 75 oz. dishwasher detergent: $4
Mr. Clean 4 oz. multi purpose cleaner: $3
Mr. Clean 4 oz. multi purpose cleaner: $3

Coupons used:
.75 cent off mr. clean (your home mailer)
$1 off mr. clean - p&g booklet
$1 off any cascade - p&g 110 book
$5 extrabuck from beauty club promo print out (these are easy to make)
$1 extrabuck from another purchase

Total out of pocket= $1.65 taxes included
Made $3 extrabucks off this transaction

Again, the colgate tooth paste would of been 2.77 earning a 2.77 extrabuck (which I had planned to use to make my next transaction totally free), but it did ring up as Saturday's price (prob bc the computer recognized 1.97 (saturdays sale) as lower and auto accepted that. But since I paid for with my extrabucks it was free anyway. I'll be sure to go back tomorrow and score that free tooth paste though :)

So for $2.37 out of pocket, I made $4 store credit back! What a great shopping trip. Can't wait to see what coupons are in tomorrow's paper so I can roll these over for more freebies :) Gotta love CVS!

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