Saturday, April 2, 2011

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Today started out as a lazy day. Everyone pretty much sat in their PJ's until noon. Even the kids ;/ I am the kind of person that loves a lazy day, but also feels like when it's past noon and we are all still in PJ's it's time wasted that could be spent being productive.

I coaxed the kids into getting dressed and told them to come play outside while I mowed the lawn. And I did just that. I mowed the entire yard, because it needed it and because I NEEDED some fresh air ;)

It wasn't too hot and the wind was nice. I would of gone right ahead for the hedges as well, minus one small detail. Last week the guy cut the extension chord. So, instead I started to get productive with laundry and dishes and cleaning.

Doug took it upon himself to weed eat, which makes me extremely happy because now the yard looks a million times better and truth be told, I am too simple minded to figure the weed eater out.

Yep, I can do many things, but when it comes to the weed eater, it's a contraption that I feel is for those with more complex minds. Darn it ;)

Moving along, tomorrow is Sunday! And you know what Sunday means, don't ya? COUPPPPOOONS!! Well, I am just crossing my fingers and toes that my Sunday paper actually has all the coupons it is supposed to this week. I am still upset about last weeks missing inserts, so let's hope this week and the $114 worth of Proctor & Gamble coupons actually makes it to my door!

Besides, I have a good CVS deal tomorrow.

This week CVS is running a deal: Spend $30 worth of select P&G items and earn $10 extrabucks (store cash) back!

I have $12.50 worth in extrabucks and CVS emailed it's extra rewards card members a $5 off $25 purchase coupon which puts me at $17.50 worth of savings right away.

So my plan of purchase is as follows:
*TWO (8 roll each) packs of bounty paper towels @ $5 each
*TWO (12 pack each) of charmin @ $5.49 each
*ONE medium size jug of either tide or gain detergent @ $10.99

My grand total will be $31.97
So, $31.97 - $5 off $25 coupon = $26.97
$26.97-12.50 in extrabucks = $14.47
NOW SHOULD I get ALL my coupons I am supposed to on SUNDAY there will be a $1 off purchase of two charmin product which brings my new total down to
$13.47 x .08% sales tax on the 31.97 pre coupon total (yes they charge sales tax on the total before coupons are applied) = 13.47 + 2.56 = $16.03 I will pay out of pocket.

So, $16.03 & I am getting a $10 extra buck back makes it like $6.03.
Making each of my items about $1.21 each!

Can't beat that :) And no worries, in case you have never cvs'ed before, now would be a good time to start the same deal, I already checked Wal Mart and their prices are higher this week than CVS in all 3 products. And think about it, Wal Mart isn't going to give you $10 back for spending $30 are they?

Now don't get me wrong, CVS isn't usually cheaper AT ALL, I only EVER shop their sales, otherwise I am strictly a Wal Mart or Family Dollar shopper for other every day items because their every day prices are like the drug stores sales prices.

The only difference is CVS will offer extrabucks on certain items each week, making it better for those of us with a tight budget.

So, dear readers, tell me what your Sunday couponing is going to be like?

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