Friday, April 22, 2011

Atleast it's Friday..

One of the only good photos I took of my son. He had to have his sock monkey :) Maybe this will look good in his sock monkey bedroom once I get it all done.

My son turned 2 on April 11th. It has flown by so fast. I don't know if it's because I am now a mom of 2 or if the years just fly as I get older. At any rate, so much has been going on, that as much as I love to take photos, I didn't even take his photos. UNTIL, yesterday that is.

We didn't do a party, not even a small get together. I feel horrible for it, but we have been so busy. I am just glad at 2 he doesn't understand yet.

When I had him in 2009 he was born the day before Easter. I figure we'll just celebrate his birthday right there on Easter. The swing set I ordered @ walmart came last week, it just needs to be assembled. I also gave him a wooden train stacker from target.

My son is obsessed with trains. He is not into much else, but he loves trains.

He's still behind most kids his age with speaking, but he understands everything he is told or asked. The pediatrician isn't giving me any answers on why he may be delayed. In fact she seemed to care less, she shoved an autism form in front of me and had me check off the small signs.

She didn't even go over it in front of me, or the entire time I was there. //sigh//

I don't know, sometimes I just wish people were more compassionate about their job, especially when it pertains to other peoples number one's as a parent - their children.

I assume his hearing is fine as he understands when I ask him things and can point out objects when asked with out a problem. But as far as speaking goes. He says the same cluster of words all day "choo choo train, sissy (for my daughter), mama, hi mama, dada, dog" There are of course others but generally he only says those.

I've been speaking to him and pointing things out since he was a baby. So he at least recognizes things. I even bought those huge picture books to help him try and speak. Still, he shows no interest in actually talking.

He is still loving, sweet and at times overly dramatic and embarrassing in public with his tantrums, but I don't think he is autistic, I just wonder why he can't speak as well as other 2 year olds. He was only born 3 weeks early, so I don't believe there is any correlation.

Then again, I am told boys move slower in developmental milestones. So I am hoping that is all it is.

In the meantime I adore this little boy to peaces, he is such a blessing to me and I am so lucky to be his mom - even on the very stressful days :)

Yesterday MiMi had off so I took her to David's Bridal to try on flower girl dresses for my cousin's wedding in September. The associates were very friendly and more than helpful, they weren't pushy and understood I was only coming in to have her try on dresses so I could photograph them to show the bride to be :) Most we tried on were way to big, but I wanted to get an idea. Ultimatley we narrowed it to two but ended up picking this one:

Love this on her! love the style it's perfect! My only gripe is the fabric is not silk or shiney it's a polyester type fabric, but still it's so very beautiful! I am going to wait a week before ordering it incase the bride (or we) change our minds because this one was also beautiful, but way too big, so I will go back tomorrow and try it in on a smaller size just to be sure because it was so gorgeous:

What do you think, dear readers?
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

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