Sunday, April 3, 2011

All of this for $7.66 @ CVS

Alright, for $33.66 worth of product (after tax included), I paid only $17.66 out of pocket. At the end of my transaction I was given a $10 extrabuck, so this made it like getting EVERYTHING in this picture for ONLY $7.66 !!

Here is my receipt for the products purchased & coupon break down (NOTE: to enlarge this image just click on it, it will open in another window bigger).

This week I used 12.50 worth in extrabucks (one $7, one $3 & one $2.50) I had saved from the last two weeks. I also used a $5 off the purchase of $25 printable coupon that CVS emailed me for spring spending and to promote the fact that they would be printing your winter spending extrabucks at the coupon center! (You earn 2% of your quarterly spendings back in extra bucks 4x a year).

Here is the extrabuck that printed at the end of my transaction:

NOW, IF YOU DO NOT have extrabucks to ROLL this week, or are new to CVS (first sign up for the extra rewards card-it's FREE, register it online to get online coupons!) then the "spend $30 get $10 back on pictured Proctor & Gamble products" is a GREAT way to start with the rolling extrabucks this week! I have already checked and ALL the prices of the products pictured are ATLEAST $1 cheaper at CVS than Wal Mart's advertised prices this week! So, you may be thinking, "But, Jen, Wal Mart will price match". YES, dear readers Wal Mart DOES price match, however, will Wal Mart give you $10 in store credit back for spending $30? NOPE! So this is the week at CVS to stock up on toilet paper, laundry detergent AND paper towels, make that $10 back and roll it into other items that also earn extra bucks this week.

For example, with that $10 I just made, I will roll it on body wash and tooth paste pay NOTHING out of pocket for these items aka FREE, earn extrabucks BACK on those purchases and ROLL em next week:) Feel free to ask questions if you have any :)

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  1. YES~ I love how you described this, espeically about the part where, "will Walmart give you $10 in store credit for spending $30?" Sure as heck NO! LOL You go girl!