Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

I don't often post photos of my children much anymore. Much to my dismay, my website has been mirrored and copied a few times (not sure why, it's not even one of the very top sites on the web). But needless to say, it still peeves me a bit. - Not to mention having to file copy right complaints - which tend to be tricky when the creepy person stealing your information has a .ca domain :( Shame on you! - You really should be ashamed of yourself for taking my work and copying my entire website. The things I do are special to me, and it's a shame you take credit for them.

So as a result, I have decided to be persistent with water marking my images. (which I hate) :(

Anyway, here are a few photos of my children that I took with the new studio lighting. I must say, it makes a difference :)) I will, however, purchase some higher wattage bulbs for my umbrella lights!

We have been enjoying the fall (even though some days the temperature still gets hot and humid).

So far this October, the kids have visited a local (very busy) pumpkin patch, picked pumpkins at a local farmer's market and went on to harvest the pecans and grapes from our backyard. - I am hoping to plant pumpkin seeds next so that next year we will have our very own mini pumpkin patch :) Can you imagine the fun that would be??
                           (Below: Ethan showing off the grapes and pecans he picked in the backyard today.)
(Below: MiMi showing off one of her pecans from the yard)
(Below: Just an image of a grape cluster growing the the back yard.)

As some of my readers know, I have a slight Gymboree obsession, however, I will only shop with sales or gymbucks for the most part.  Over the summer and during the last huge online sale they had, I gradually built up this collection and decided it would be perfect for MiMi's school photos. What do y'all think??

(Below: A whole lot of cherry!! Gymboree's cherry line makes for a great back to school girl's outfit!) 

What else is new as far as the house is concerned? Well, little progress. Still waiting to complete the den flooring - I guess as time and money allows, but right now with the holidays fast approaching and being on a budget, it looks like the den will have to wait. It's come a long way, baby, with a lot of time and love - why not a little longer? ;) - It will happen! And, when it does, you'll be the first to see!! Bless! <3 p="p">

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