Monday, December 10, 2012

A little bit of Christmas...

On a whim (as in literally the last minute), I decided I would hurry and do the kids Christmas portraits the other day.  Ethan was not into it - AT ALL - but, that's okay, as many photos as I took I managed some good ones. Here are just a few.

I hate that I have to watermark everything, but twice now some one has taken my images with out my permission, and someone in Canada even mirrored my entire blog (why?).

My life is anything but interesting, but I am glad someone thinks it is :))

If you are in my area, be sure to message me about getting your holiday photos done! $50 gets you a CD FULL of images all edited with a print release. God Bless <3>

Speaking of the holidays, Christmas is in just 15 days, and I very literally didn't realize that until this very moment, (I am lying, it was more like 2 hours ago). Anyway, I just now ordered Christmas photo cards from the pro lab I use, I am only done with the kids and some of my niece's and nephew's. I would say I am super slacking this year. 

I was really hoping to do some tutorials on home made Christmas gifts, like I did last year with the DIY Re purposed Barbie House Out Of Old Speakers

And well, with 15 days, I am sure I can throw something together in the meantime.

I am not going super all out for Christmas this year to be honest. I barely decorated, I'll do crafts with the kids, possibly visit the mall Santa, and my tree is just barely put together.

I am officially the laziest parent there is this year.

There's till time to get into the mood. :)) I hope anyway.

It really has been a busy last couple of months. MiMi's artwork was selected to be in a local art gallery at the high school, she has a Christmas pageant (not beauty, more like musical of sorts, I don't know what you call them) coming up next week, etc etc.

I promise my next blog will be a DIY :))

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