Friday, May 27, 2011

Gymboree Sale Online

I love Gymboree. I think the clothing is adorable! I rarely shop Gymboree, however, because it's just not in my budget. AT ALL ;) Every so often when a sale runs, I will pick something up.

It is shocking to me the outlet stores charge FULL price on last years lines. I bought MiMi a dress once from one in Smithfield and I will never do it again.

So I received an email from Gymboree stating that they had a $12.99 sale. I figured, it's probably on the tshirts and thought I'd go window shopping via the internet to browse at stuff I could never afford.

When I got to MiMi's size section, I was shocked to see the $35 dresses on sale for $12.99. Of course, I see that as a bargain any day I can get a dress that cheap that looks cute.

Now don't laugh at me ya'll, but the zebra safari line is just too darn cute! And so I scooped these items up:
Okay, so normally I would never ever spend that much on a kids bracelet, but Gymboree says if you spend $50, you get a $25 certificate with your order. How could I say no? I'd rather spend that extra $25 now to get that extra $25 comes the redemption period when I will need to buy little one school clothing anyway :)

SO I spent $52.95 on what would have been over $100 retail value. I will get $25 in gymbucks back so this makes the outfits cheaper than I could of bought at, per say, Target or the likes..

I bought the scarf for her hair, and I really wanted the chambray romper but they were out of her size :( I'll use it with another denim type outfit I'm sure.

My niece was born July 5th, so I picked her up a couple things to go in her birthday package also. (Had to get her a matching dress and hair bows, curlies, er, whatever you all them). And 4th of July clips. I was going to buy the gymbo 4th of July outfit, but then decided I had seen cuter ones on etsy so will hit them up, or make a tutu myself for her and hire someone to make her an embroidered tank top for the 4th with ribbon straps. BTW, if any of you lovely readers make embroidered tanks, please message me, I'd rather buy from a reader :)

The mail was exciting today. First the expo washable marker's house party kit from came:
It came with 16 packs fine point markers, 16 packs or large markers, 16 dry erase markers, 16 dry erase boards, AND one LARGE dry erase tripod board. The guests are going to love this!!
Of course since my kids would be getting one also, when Ethan saw me open the box he begged to play with one, so I gave him one to test out:
He also went on to color my walls in the kitchen. AND the white cabinets. And the fridge. Oh, and dare I say it, the glass windows. Yep, he had a field day. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see if expo washable markers lived up to their name. I took a wet paper towel, and it came off instantly. I see myself purchasing these solely in the future for him for this VERY reason.

I have a few extra packs for non attendees that I am sending to promised friends via snail mail, and I will also give a set to MiMi's teacher so the kids can use them at school.

I let MiMi try out the larger board and she is smitten by it. Kids LOVE to color, they LOVE markers. THEY LOVE things they can erase with out fuss and this does that job! These would make a perfect summer "keep em busy" item.
I also received a free product coupon for cottonelle flushable wipes. THANKS COTTONELLE!!

CVS looks like the perfect week to roll the extrabucks! Many of you cvs'ers have probably received the $5 off $25 purchase coupon. Usually when I get this coupon, I take it as an opportunity to use my buy one get one coupons.

I will post my CVS list for Sunday tomorrow morning, I went over the $25 limit but I will pay only .95 for $29.99 in coupons. Be sure to check my blog tomorrow to see how :) Good night and enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend. God Bless Our Troops! (both active and retired/former).

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