Monday, May 23, 2011

Coupon deals this week (that I have/will partake in):

I have to admit, I have been discouraged stepping into most stores once the sales ads hit. It used to be I'd go in and get my items with my one set of coupons and the shelves would be hearty.

Now when I go first thing in the morning I find that the shelves in the only two stores I really coupon at (CVS & Harris Teeter) are bare first thing. I know some people have multiple coupons and stock up. I guess I am just jealous I never even get the chance to use my one coupon ;) But, as they say in the coupon cyber world "the early bird gets the worm".

Some how even though I get there very early, I usually miss out.

All I have done this week was the purex laundry detergent @ CVS.
Okay, I should admit it, I am a hypocrit according to my above statement, because I infact used 3 purex coupons.

CVS has a sale on the 50 ounce Purex laundry detergent bottles for $1.98.
I used a $1 off purex coupon in one of the ad inserts from a couple of weeks ago, making my 3 laundry detergents .98 a piece.
Since I didn't have any coupons to use on other extrabuck earning deals @ CVS this week, I decided that was all I would get..UNTIL I checked my mailbox this afternoon:
I redeemed my points for a $10 CVS card. Then I also had a $5 beauty club extra buck print out for me on the coupon center. I plan to hit up CVS in the morning and roll that money like you wouldn't believe :) So tomorrow I will show you how I roll this combined total of $15 and get tons of things FREE and make money back! (Hint: includes revlon nail polish, softsoap body wash, one more bottle of purex etc..Have to do it when you have 2 kids and are on a limited income).

Not only did I get that in the mail, Ore-Ida sent a coupon for a FREE bag of sweet potato fries, via their facebook page. Oh my, lucky day for me!
Did anyone else coupon this week? Or do you plan to? Please share your deals in the comments :) By the way I am almost done with this new craigslist dresser project I have taken on for my daughter. I am LOVING craigslist and refurbishing stuff! Why buy new when you can make it new for CHEAP? ;)

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