Friday, May 6, 2011

Last CVS Trip Of The Week:

Okay, so I must say, I need to get more on my game in terms of the sales and coupons, because the coupon bug has HIT MY CITY :) As much as I love the shared knowledge, it is sad to me when I can't use my one coupon because the shelves are cleared. Oh well, I am being greedy. (In my defense I give a ton of it away free and only buy items I will use).

I did pretty decent, here is what I got for $10.48 out of pocket (taxes included @ the .08% rate in my city):
So here is a break down, my total after taxes was $31.24.
The bounty was $7.99 for the 8 pack (earns 2 extrabucks)
Tide was 5.99 (earned one extrabuck)
Pantene Pro V was 2 for 6.97 (earned 1 extrabuck)
Old spice was 3.99 each (so 7.98 for both)

Total of everything pre coupons = $28.93 x .08% = $31.24
Let's subtract those coupons! :D
-$5 off the purchase of $30 (cvs emailed printable coupon)
new total = 26.24
-$1 off tide (p&g booklet)
-$1 off bounty (p&g home mailer)
- buy one get one old spice coupon from p&g insert this past Sunday's paper (value of $3.99)
-$3 off the purchase of 2 pantene products (in p&g insert from this past Sunday's paper)
-2 (extra buck from purchase on Saturday)
-$2.77 (from toothpaste purchase Saturday)
-$2 off old spice body wash coupon

I made $4 in extra bucks back! ( $2 on bounty, $1 on tide, $1 on pantene).
Better than Wal Mart :) This week doesn't look so hot in CVS earning deals, but who knows, if I have coupons for something I'll surely pick something up if it's going to be a good deal. I was sad the right gaurd and soft scrub were completely gone. I LOVE LOVE LOVE soft scrub. Any local couponers have some and want to trade from each other's stashes? hehe. Seriously I have TONS of soaps and body wash, would love to trade for some soft scrub :) It's my bathtubs best friend! Tell me, dear readers, did you coupon this week? If so, what deals did you pick up on?

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