Saturday, May 28, 2011


I too often do great reviews. But do believe me, when I get the short end of the stick I will be quick to rant about it. Teleflora is AWFUL. TERRIBLE. HORRIBLE.

Let me explain.

I ordered not ONE, but TWO bouquets of pricey flowers for my childhood friend and her mother. It was important to me that these flowers were exactly what I ordered for the occasion I was sending them.

I ordered the "cotton candy pink" bouquet for my friend, it was supposed to look like this:

I was very upset when my friend received THIS instead:

Sure, it is pretty, but it is NOT what I ordered. NOR what I wanted for my friend. No green flowers to be seen. I ordered the specific bouquet for a reason, and this is what she got. :( I wanted to cry. It is pretty, but it's NOT what I paid for.

I also ordered her ailing mother a bouquet and it was similar but NOT what I ordered either.

I called Teleflora twice.

The first time, I could not even understand the customer service representative. I am not trying to knock on companies who hire foreign people, but I could not understand him AT ALL. After 8 minutes of me saying "pardon me sir", "excuse me", etc. I was flaming po'ed. Not to mention there is so much noise in the background at their call center. IMPOSSIBLE. When I finally did get him to understand me, he told me he would sent a replacement the next day.

The replacement was never sent.

I did a follow up call, and the same thing. The CS at Teleflora was hard to understand, did not comprehend basic English and gave me the run around. I did get  meek "I am sorry for that". Well, good for you, I am glad your sorry BUT your apology DOES NOT sit well in my bank account when I spend 100 bucks at this company and got the cheapest bouquets on your list sent to my dear friends.

I was never offered a partial reimbursement. I was never offered store credit (and believe you me I WOULD NOT accept store credit if it was offered because they are a sham). My supposed promise of a re delivery never occurred and I am upset.

Teleflora is AWFUL. Teleflora is DISORGANIZED. Teleflora is a SCAM.

I should have read other reviews before going through Teleflora. I did not. That was my mistake for trusting a company like this to do the right thing. SO NEVER EVER EVER EVER ORDER FROM TELEFLORA, because chances are they will send your loved one something that looks like it came off the shelf of a discount drug store (lol sorry i love you discount drug stores, but you know what I am saying, 14 bucks compared to 100 is a huge difference).

TELEFLORA will NOT reimburse you, they will NOT redeliver for you, you will NOT be able to understand their customer service reps. AND the list could go on.

From now on I am sticking with the flowers that come on a delivery truck, I believe they are FTD? Not sure. all I know is TELEFLORA IS BAD. VERY BAD. I would not ever go back to TELEFLORA for another thing. It is not acceptable to sent someone something they did not even order. JEERS to your company TELEFLORA, and you should know that companies profit on honesty and good reputation. Your company is DISHONEST, and does not work with the customer. I am out money but I can promise you it's your loss in the long run because you have lost a customer. And I will be sure to let everyone know just how bad you, TELEFLORA truly are.


  1. My advise to you is to NEVER order from any of the large chain florists...ftd, teleflora, 1800-flowers, etc. You will NEVER get what you pay for. What happens is this: You call/go online and select an item you find from teleflora. Teleflora then takes a percentage of what you paid. They then forward the order along to a local teleflora florist. The florist then has to go to her cooler...see what she has that will even look like the arrangement pictured, and then accept the order if they can create something slightly similar. They then deduct the delivery fee out of the already shortened sum. So...for a hundred dollar arrangement you get....about a sixty dollar one minus delivery.. ALWAYS call your local florist. Talk to them, see what they have in stock, and tell them the feeling you would like to achieve. Teleflora is terrible, and it is putting small florists out of business.

  2. You're absolutely right, not having known this prior to, I thought I was getting a great deal. Teleflora should be considered a scam. From this experience I now google a florist in the city of the recipient and pretty much do what you have said :) MUCH BETTER exerpience that way - and I find the service of a small business is MUCH better, prompt and accurate.