Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Harris Teeter Triple Coupons Trip!

This is crazy! Harris Teeter had triple coupons today (any coupon up to 98 cent tripled at the register). Of course I had my list and planned late last night, banked 3 hours of sleep, got up early, took MiMi to school and headed on over to Harris Teeter.

In the past when I did this I would be one of the only few people in the store. Today it was slam packed. Everything that was a sale item was virtually already gone.

I did manage to get (2) 6 ct each packs of Luigi's Italian Ice for 24 cent each after coupons, Glad trash bags for 75 cent (after coupons) and some of my favorite tooth paste for 50 cents :)
Of course Ethan was being a screaming banshee and the only 2 year old screaming to his hearts content. I know, you're probably thinking, c'mon lady, he's 2, 2 year old do this sort of thing.

Oh, they do, believe me, I know first hand. Ethan screams bloody murder if he can't get the shopping cart's seat belt on. Then he screams bloody murder when he can't unbuckle it. He will sit there the entire shopping trip fussing about the seat belt. If we go to a store with Thomas the train toys, I better steer clear or he will throw a world war 3 temper tantrum like no body's business. Personally I am not humiliated I just kind of don't make eye contact with anyone and if I do pass someone I say something like "it's okay buddy, you're too big for the seat belt".

Other times I want to burry myself head first in a pile of dirt/sand/whatever.

MiMi on the other hand has always been a simple child. I don't know, boys must be a different ball game obviously. He's still his mama's little sugar though!

I haven't posted in a bit because blogger was down for a while. But I purchased another craigslist dresser. This thing was a BEAST, but you will probably be amazed once I do the reveal. I am not even going to post befores until it is all done, it's that exciting and that much of a difference.

I should also mention the seller was not the best and left me with rodent poo, roach casings and live spiders, (after I specifically asked if this was a storage item because I did not want to encounter this) and he assured me it was not. I also asked if it was solid wood, and again, he assured me it was. My surprise when Doug brought it home with is horrible veneer top (ack). I ended up replacing it witha real wood slab, but like I said, this one is a TOTAL trash to treasure.

And, in the future, should I do another craigslist refurbish, I WILL BE THE ONE to go see it in person. lol, but for 30 bucks I can't complain, it's a beauty now :D
I think after taxes my total was $2.20. The kids like the Italian Ice, so that was a positive. We are a struggling family so anytime we can get something so cheap, it's a good day in our household.

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