Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free @ CVS + Made 9 bucks!

That $15 worth of extrabucks and a mypoints gift card? Well, I told ya I would roll it, and I did :) Here is what I got

Transaction one (first cvs store bc they were out of everything else)
(1) Revlon nail polish @ $4.99 paid with a $5 extracare buck (didn't even charge tax) Got back $4 extracare bucks

Transaction two (second store)
2 Revlon nail polish @4.99 each = 9.98 Paid with $10 mypoints gift card
Got back $8 in extracare bucks

Transaction three
(2) softsoap body washes @ 2 for $7
(1) 50 ounce purex laundry detergent @$1.98
MINUS $1 off any purex =$7.98
used the $8 in extrabucks form previous transaction to pay for it all
FREE + made back $5 on the 2 softsoaps (deal was buy 2 @ $7 and make $5 extrabucks).

So everything above was FREE just for rolling my store credits!
I now have (1) ecb $4 and (1) ecb $5
I made $9 to take everything out of the store:)

Of course I had to splurge and by myself the new revlon colorburst lipgloss in hot pink. I loved it so much from the sample I recieved in the mail that I purchased it at the full $8 :) haha.

Wonder what I will use the $9 on next week? ;)

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