Sunday, May 8, 2011

KRYLON Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan Make Over!! PRETTY - PRETTY!!

I've been staring at this ceiling fan in our bedroom for the last 7 years. It's white, it's plain, it's brass. It's not the ugliest fixture our house has had, but it's not too modern either.

You should know by now, dear readers, I am too cheap to buy a new one just for aesthetic purposes. Refurbishing the old and making it new is my favorite thing to do! (We all know this cheapy cheaperson loves to save a buck or two, or 80)! New ceiling fans (the nice ones) run from 80 on up at Lowes. uh-uh not my kinda budget!

So check out what an under $4 can of oil rubbed bronze Krylon spray paint, and a $16 replacement light cover can do for this beast!
Before: Ignore the quality it was a cell pic. I asked Doug to take it down for me so I could clean and spray paint it. He was in a hurry to get back to his xbox, so I had no choice but to whip out the trusty cell phone. She's white, she's brassy..

Mid spray paint:
All I did was clean and dry the pieces, lay them on some scrap cardboard, and spray a few coats of Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint on top (no primer, no scuffing up). I TRUST this brand, I have used it on everything from other light fixtures, to cabinet pulls and knobs with out incident:

Now, this is important, I bought the replacement glass piece at lowes, GET BIGGER, bigger will enhance the look of the ceiling fan! This was only $16 at Lowes. See the difference side by side?

Alright, so about 15 minutes later, the Krylon is super dry and you can reassemble the whole thing. AMAZING, right? You can totally REVAMP an ugly old ceiling fan in less than 40 minutes!

Total cost? $16 for the glass replacement light cover & $3.99 for a can of Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint at Wal Mart. :)

This is the same can I used to do my dresser pulls seen in this blog:
Dresser Redo/Bedroom Redo
One can of Krylon goes the distance!


  1. what brand is the light replacement you got for $16? I am looking for one and all i see is about $40 :(

  2. Hello, replacement is actually the globe portion of hte light only, it is $16 at Lowes. You will find it with all the other glass fixtures (including the small ones for chandeliers) on a shelf in the ceiling fan section. It's called a "torchier" replacement (usually for the stand up lamps) but it fits any ceiling fan and makes it look tons better:) GOOD LUCK:)

  3. Jen You are beautiful

  4. I do not know who you are, but THANK YOU for making my entire day by saying that! Sometimes a person can have a crummy day and a gesture of kindness makes everything better :) SO THANK YOU :)

  5. Just discovered this paint... I'm going to try it out on a clock this weekend. I love your fan, it's wonderful! I am going to have to do this to my kitchen fan or something... it's dated. <3