Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rooms to GO? Rooms to...not sure how to feel or review..

As part of trying to push a little money back into the local business' (Yes, even the large corporate entities), I decided my children NEEDED new beds.  And before I go on a "hate" spree of my experience with Rooms To Go (Fayetteville, NC) location.  I will let you know I am half and half - although not a very satisfied customer.

Let's start with my initial visit to the local show room.  On February 16, 2015 I decided I was going to take my kids to pick out the bedroom sets they wanted.  Being in customer service myself, I was a little put off by the fact that not a single employee greeted us. No, "hello", no, "welcome". Nothing.  I walked to the children's (teens) section wandering around with my kids for a good 40 minutes.  Sales reps passed us, but not a one greeted us.  Eventually I had picked out what we were going to purchase.  Now, I just sauntered around hoping to be "discovered".

Surely, someone would like a commission?  No one seemed interested.  I guess they forget during tax time some of us simple looking folks have a good chunk to spend. Eventually a VERY lovely and kind woman did approach us. I had to compliment her on her service, she was amazing, she was friendly and she was very helpful. I told her I was glad she came to us since no one else had.

So I opened a line of credit (I had every intention to pay it off once my purchases arrived).  And $2,401 and $300 separate in delivery and tax fees later, I was the holding papers for the children's bed sets.

Ethan's was a super nice Bunk bed loft. (Excuse the cell phone photos; I took these in the show room). It's a twin loft with a storage stair case, the other side has a drawer and cabinet system, with an attached desk and a full bed and headboard/footboard underneath. It's seriously so beautiful! For $1500 I was in love.

  MiMi's, was a full sleigh bed with a trundle. I even liked the hanging canopy so much that I decided to purchase that as well.  After all was said and done, I was promised a delivery and set up date of 27 February 2015.

I was told delivery time was 7 am - 10 pm.  So, I scheduled the day off work.  Only due to the snow, they called a day before to let me know that they would reschedule delivery for 9 March 2015.  So another 10 days? *shrugs* Okay, no big deal, stuff happens. At this point I was a little annoyed for missing a day of pay, but at the same time, the weather is NOT anyone's fault. So I understood.  March 9th came.  The delivery truck showed up at 6:45 am.  The men were friendly, They put together my daughter's bed and it was perfect. No complaints.

Then as they were putting together my son's bed, the main headboard for the top was split and broken all over.  The delivery guy told me that he would not put it together because it was broken but that he would make a note to have them exchange that particular piece and that when it came someone would be back out to assemble.  I was a little annoyed, more so that he kept pushing me to sign that I accepted the item as is with out any hard evidence that I would be receiving the piece. I will admit I was difficult and annoyed but ultimately signed so he could be on his way. (I mean it wasn't the poor delivery man's fault, and he shouldn't have to hear me being upset).  He told me rooms to go would call in thirty minutes to schedule a new delivery.  Only, I ended up calling myself.

The new date I was given was 21 March 2015.

That day came and the new delivery guys were SUPER nice SUPER professional and beyond friendly.  Only one problem:  The initial delivery folks didn't leave the hardware or instructions. So they apologized that they would NOT be able to put the bed together.  At this point, I was beyond frustrated with this company.

Really?  I mean my Rooms to Go credit card was already charged at this point and at this point over a month later and still no bed to show for it? Come on??  So I tell the guys thank you, that I know it's not THEIR fault and I call to ask to have the hardware and instructions shipped to me per the delivery drivers recommendation.  He offered to call for me, but I felt I wanted to handle it myself.

So the first person I call tells me she will 2 day air ship it and then hangs the phone up mid collecting my information. ::Annoying:: But, maybe a glitch?  I call again, and the woman was very friendly, and offered to have it two day air shipped to my house and that when I received said parts to call to schedule to have a tech come back out.. I was also "TOLD" I would receive a $60 credit for delivery for my troubles.

Again, being in customers service myself, I know to be polite as it is not their fault and told her I super appreciated her and that I was thankful for her help today.  - At least their customer service is on point - or at least the woman I spoke to was. :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015, the parts came after 5 pm.  I decided I did not want to wait another week, or two, or however many for a technician to come assemble again, and so the family put the bed together ourselves.  It's beautiful.

I still have yet to receive my $60 credit, who knows where that is.  So all in all my feelings on Rooms to Go?

Had it just been my daughters bed I'd say AMAZING.

Taking into consideration my first experience with the show room, the fact repeated reschedules were made and not satisfied in a timely manner and the fact we put the bed together ourselves, I'm semi bitter.

The product itself is great (my sons bed still has some scratches, but I'm not petty and don't want to return it, it's what I like to call "character" ). haha :)  If it weren't for the fact that the majority of the people I spoke with were friendly, I'd probably rate them poorly.  But, in all fairness, they did rectify the issues when I called with concern.  Not happy that I did end up taking 3 days off work in order for deliveries that never ended in the fully assembled product, and as a mom that's money :(

I just don't like to give a business a bad review for a few mishaps.  Maybe one day I'll see my delivery and set up fee refunded, especially since it had been a month later and we put it together ourselves.  I wonder what Rooms to Go would say about this situation.  A little more organization and attention to detail with delivery and better care of handling a customers product should be taken into consideration, in my opinion.  But that's just me, and I'm just one person.  I'll post more photos later.

Happy 10th Birthday, MiMi..

March 10th, 2015
Ten years ago, I was 22.  I was recovering from what I still say was the worst physical pain of my life.  I am ashamed to admit that after a failed 23 hour labor that ended in a c section, I was so out of it emotionally and physically that I couldn't be the mom I wanted to be.  I barely saw my first child that day.

   When I saw her for the first time (which would be hours later)  I was so in love, but so very tired.   The nurses kept her away  much of the night and I just wanted to go home.  The first few sleepless nights were unlike anything I had ever experienced.   How did I go from so much energy and working two full time jobs to suddenly being a stay at home mom with a newborn who was without a doubt the hardest new "job" to me?  When I told my family I was okay - I lied - I was in tears daily.  I was more in love than ever before and I would kill for my baby, but  I was just so alone and exhausted.  

 Things did eventually get easier.  Did I say that? They don't get easier, you just learn to let go a little and it's a new kind of challenge.  I sit here an can't believe it's been ten years and suddenly I yearn to hold that baby again.   I ache to tell the old me it will be okay - "Stop worrying mama.  It will be okay - you'll see".

   We get so worried as new parents that we miss the joy in things.  Is this perhaps me in the next ten years telling my current self, I'll be okay?  Maybe.  One things for certain - I am glad at 21, that I made the decision to keep the best thing that's ever happened to me.  And by that last line, you may take that as you're probably thinking, and maybe at a later date, when my children are older, I will elaborate more without fear of them stumbling upon my blog.  But just know this:  God is good. God was with me, and God made sure I made the right decision.  I love you MiMi, I am so blessed to be your mother!