Monday, May 31, 2010

Crib Recall & More DIY Projects

So, I must say, for an unlucky girl, I have been pretty lucky lately (knock on wood). First I accidently stumble upon a link to see Ethan's crib (that was my daughter's and is 6 years old) has been recalled. So the link said to take it back to wal mart. I did, and they gave me 172 bucks for it, NOT bad for a 6 year old crib that retailed at 250 years ago! And of course PERRFECT timing while I was redoing his room and considering nixing the crib all together. What am I doing with that money? I went and spend 60 bucks in lumber to build the toddler farmhouse bed @ knock off wood:)

I must admit though, I am still not finished with the queen size farmhouse bed.

The center panels in the directions were the wrong size, so had to fit it accordingly with a smaller piece of wood:( Just a little bump along the way. I thought about painting or staining her white. Then black. Then back to white.

Now? Well, now I just sort of love the unfinished pine wood color, it's just beautiful to me. So I am thinking currently - I will just seal it.

The next lucky thing? Well I bought this bed at wal mart on clearance for 80 bucks 3 years ago, it retails on wal marts website for 250 currently. I posted it on craigslist and some guy purchased it for 70. :) Gotta love that the 3 years I used that bed I only paid 10 bucks for it:) That money? Well, it will go towards the stain and finishing Ethan's dresser and his bed room.

So many projects, so little time, but I am so excited to be able to do this!

Friday, May 28, 2010

And just like that, Pre K is over..

Maybe if I posted more frequently I would have less random topics slammed into one post. Great idea, right? I just need to find the time to follow through.

First things first, today my little MiMi graduated pre K. I am sad that I will no longer be able to see the same faces I'd see walking her to class every day, even if half of them never returned a smile or a hello. :)

The teachers gave the parents the best gift of all; photos of our children throughout the year on a cd. Along with a book they helped the children make chronicling their changes and progression during the year. AMAZING. I absolutely adore the photo cd and I don't want to post the photos b/c other people's children are in it and (well it's the web!) but here is a cap and gown photo the teacher's took of mimi and gave to all the parents:

and this I just had to share b/c I thought it was cute, here is mimi with her first friend on the first day of school back in August of 09:

and here they are today at graduation in may of 10:

is it not crazy how fast our babies grow?

ADORABLE! and here are a few of the photos that were on the cd the teacher's gave us, as you can see this little boy and mimi have been friends throughout the year as well:

This one must of been from christmas time:

and while the school is a uniform school, they did have a couple dress down days:

Oh baby doll, it was just yesterday I was nervous about your first day of school. Worried about whether or not you'd make friends. Worried about how you'd feel if for some reason you were the odd child out. Worried about if you could handle being on your own away from mommy when you had been by my side since the day you were born.

But baby, I must say, it wasn't you that I needed to worry about, because in the end, even as shy as you still may be, it was mommy who missed you and maybe didn't want to see her baby doll grow up so fast. But, baby, I enjoy every moment, I love to watch you grow into a beautiful happy young lady.

And, I must admit, I often wonder what I will feel like when you graduate from high school one day, and hopefully college at some point. I know that no matter what you do in life, or who you become, I will always look back to your first day of pre k and know that it started from your very first day of school:

And I'll know that I could never be thankful enough that you were able to get into pre k when we had missed the deadline and had been put on a waiting list. And I can never be thankful enough that you had such wonderful teachers who took on a career that is underpaid and under appreciated. And I hope one day you will also be thankful for your start in the right direction. I love you MiMi!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

::6 Month Old Photo Session::

Here is a session I did with my good friend Sabrina yesterday, of her adoooorable baby girl!! Seriously, guys? How freaking cute is this baby?! She needs to replace the gerber baby!:)

And Sabrina gave me the best smelling candle EVER!!! I can not wait to trim the wicks and burn it! smells just like orange pez candy!! oh my gosh, LOVE!! It's tangerine grapefruit, I believe, by candle lite. THANKS GIRL!!:D

Monday, May 24, 2010

Part Deux Dresser Re Do + Flower Girl?

First, up still in the process of the craigslist dresser re - do. Yes, this is taking a long time, I finally got an electric sander, but the moulding I have to sand by hand. Either way I am nearly done sanding this bad boy and hopefully this weekend I can get it stained and ready to be put in Ethan's room:

aaaah soooo close!

onto CUTER news, my cousin has just gotten engaged, and he and his sweet wife to be Sent this to MiMi today:

is that not the cuuuuuuuutest most creative idea!

We just got in from the rain, so MiMi's hair is a bit a mess, and she has her school uniform on, but really? HOW CUTE?!
She is absolutely tickled PINK to be a flower girl for them!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dresser Re Vamp

Okay, remember months ago I was on the hunt for a dresser for Ethan? But even the wal mart ones were too pricey for me? (yes, say it, I am cheap - I know this).

I'd tried craigslist a gazillion times also to no avail, either no one would respond or it was already taken. (drats).

Then one day I got lucky - oh yes, yes, I did! Not only did I come into a 100 dollar bills (haha). I found a solid wooden beauty on Craigs List for only 60 bucks. I hopped on it, and was glad she wasn't taken. I got even luckier that said couple delivered dresser to my door FREE:D

so 60 bucks later I have this HUGE ole 90's dresser, scratched up, ugly brass pulls, but functional and I have a dream for her!

It only took a couple weeks and i invested in a sanding sponge..and a FUCK TON of elbow grease, but I started the process of making her pretty:

Did I mention hand sanding is a pain in the rear? Well, IT IS..two hours later I finally have the top sanded down to the wood:

annnnd, I took off those gangly 90's brass hooker knobs.

Now, I just need to finish sanding the rest of everything and then she will be an espresso finish and PERFECT for Bubby's room!

Can you tell I am elated to begin this project?

Now let's just hope I finish it, as you can tell my farmhouse bed is still incomplete LOL!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

DIY Photo Tutorial - Krylon Milk Bottle Vase

So, a lot of you may have noticed that some country influences are coming back to style in a BIG way. One thing I have noticed throughout the blogosphere is that a lot of people have the old milk jug/bottles as a piece of decore. I've seen them in several stores and they aren't too expensive but here's a way to get one on the CHEAP!:)

All you need is:

- an EMPTY starbucks frappucino bottle that has been cleaned and dried
- Krylon spray paint in the color Satin Ivory (it's a very antique white look)
- A spare ribbon
- Some flowers from your garden bed or fake flowers
(ignore the other jars, I was using them for something else).

First you'll need to place the empty bottle upside down and give it a few coats (allow to dry about 5 minutes between coats)

Krylon drys up pretty fast (gotta love Krylon paints!) and so once your bottle is dry you will use a nice piece of ribbon (I save ribbons of every type for such purposes) and tie it around the bottle.

excuse my bow, I obviously can not master a nice one;)

Next fill the bottle with some water and a tylenol (it helps the plant live longer)
Clip some flowers from your flower bed/area and place it inside. You have an instantly cute little flower arrangement.

here it is at my parents house (ignore the shoddy cell phone resolution).

My daughter had a blast making this for her grandma:)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'll be an Auntie soon enough!

Sometimes, it's hard for me to believe my sister is no longer just a 5 minute drive down the road from me. Sometimes I don't get that when I pick up my cell phone and start to dial her number to ask her if she wants to run to wal mart or the mall with me she is no longer in the state. Instead, my best friend is clear across the U.S. from me in California. Where the cost of living would probably do me over. Sometimes, I even find it hard to believe I will be an aunt for the first time in July. So at 29 weeks, my sister looks amazing!! At 29 weeks I think I was much larger (of course) and my nose was starting to take on the robust meatball shape from nanny's kitchen. Dear lord, what happened to me? haha. I am glad to see my sister wears pregnancy well!

I am anxious to meet my niece! I am sad that we are thousands of miles apart, but my sister says she will come visit with baby in tow comes late summer. -It's much harder for me to travel with two children.

Sometimes? Well, I will tell you about sometimes. Sometimes as a child, or a young adult, when you grow up and spend your entire life with your sibling, even if you grow into different groups and have different friends, you are still bonded and feel like they will never leave your side. And somtimes, even into your later twenties, you suddenly realize one day that things do change, even the changes you never imagined to take place, like your best friend/sibling moving so far away.

Sometimes I think life sucks, and sometimes I think it's unfair, but sometimes I look at the bigger picture, that God has a purpose and reason for everything, even if we dislike it, sometimes change is best, and sometimes things fall into place better over the years.

I just miss the days that I had my best friend to confide in, cry to or laugh until my belly jiggled;)

And I wish my niece could grow up around my children and that I could baby sit and all that other great jazz, but I do know that eventually we'll see each other and I can't wait.

I love you sis!! Can't wait to meet Anna Elizabeth!!