Friday, April 6, 2012

Just a few photos

My son will be 3 on April 11th. It's hard for me to believe this. It seems like not long ago I was sitting in the local hospital fighting with the staff for their horrible antics after my ob/gyn sent me in to have an emergency c section b/c his fluid was entirely too low. It was Easter weekend, and of course, no one was staffed appropriately, and they had me wait  24 hours with out food or water b/c I was to have the c section on the 9th.

When I finally was seen the anesthesiologist asked where I had been and they had been waiting for me all day. To which I replied I'd been there ALL DAY. The nurse got an almighty rear end chewing from my sister and I, my doctor had since left and the on call doctor refused to do the surgery. They also refused me an ultrasound and sent me home with a urine jug. for a 24 hour collection. The morning of the 11th I returned and when they ran tests, they freaked out and in less than 10 minutes I was on an operating table.

Ethan's lower extremities were blue, he had some issues, but I was in love at first sights:

Now, you have come such along way, son, and you are more loved each day!

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