Friday, June 23, 2017

Plantscape Inc. Review

It's been a while, since I've ventured into reviewing, and I am really excited to share this review with my readers!  I was contacted by Plantscape Inc. and offered a product in exchange for a review.  Upon browsing the wide variety of artificial plants and flowers, I was beyond impressed.  I had been wanting to find a realistic looking artificial flower for the new table we had built, and this came just in time.

I decided to chose the Hydrangeas, 12 piece.  Initially, I wasn't expecting much beyond the normal craft store flowers, but when they arrived, and I opened the very well packaged box, I was floored.  I couldn't stop saying, "wow"!  These flowers are so real looking, FULL, and beautiful.

I posted an image of them on my social media, and had received several messages asking about where I had obtained them in just the first hour I had them up.  I think any of the flowers or plants on Plantscape Inc.would make a lovely addition to any piece of furniture, needing an eye popping centerpiece, or any office, that wants to send welcoming vibes to it's patrons. The hydrangeas and allium are my personal favorites, but every single item is very well made, realistic and affordable.  A week before I was contacted by Plantscape Inc. I had browsed two local craft stores, looking for something similar, but found that the flowers were not full, and weren't anything to be desired for the high price tags.  The plants on Plantscape Inc. are affordable, well made, full and gorgeous.  I fully intend to purchase a few more items for other areas of my house after falling in love with the product I was sent to review.

The items are packaged, to prevent damage:

 Can you see, why I was smitten with these? GORGEOUS!

I ultimately decided, that I would trim the stems a little to fit
 nicely in this cute glass vase/candle holder:

See how realistic they look? AMAZING!

Plantscape, Inc. you have outdone yourselves, I can't stop bragging about how truly breathtaking these are!

I love our table so much, but the flowers from Plantscape, Inc make it POP!

So, now that you know how much I am pleased with, and love the hydrangeas from Plantscape, Inc. let me tell you more on the company!

"Founded in 1974, Plantscape Inc. is a leading national interior landscape firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have over 40 years of experience in offering a diverse set of specialty services in landscape planning and design, landscape architecture, trees installation, plant service and maintenance programs and commercial décor. Our team of professionals have decades of experience in designing interior and outdoor landscapes using live plants and trees, especially tropical plants.
We have expanded our interior landscaping design business to include our artificial plant division, Commercial Silk Int'l (CSI), with a goal to produce the world's finest, most authentic artificial trees and plants for commercial projects. Our depth of experience, skilled craftsmanship and extensive capabilities in dealing with both, live and artificial plants and trees allow us to undertake a range of projects irrespective of the business and its scale, meet complex requirements and take on the most challenging landscape projects from planning to completion.
Our mission is to create better environments which will enrich the lives of people and help them feel more relaxed, productive and happier. We take pride in building strong partnerships with our clients and we’re proud to say that we still provide weekly plant care to our very first client. Our firm is driven by values and every project member has a passion for the most distinct and perfect landscape. Whether it's the creation of custom plants and trees to make your business a unique space or the creation of the perfect commercial landscape design and planning, our idea is to make your setting a better and brighter space.
Our departments constantly explore new, innovative ways to bring your dream landscape to reality. Whether you’re looking to work with a small space or want to do a property wide renovation, our team will work with you from start to finish to create a landscape design which will thrill and impress your customers for years to come."

One of the services they offer is interior landscape design. They have a team ready to work with you and make your commercial or residential area custom to your specifications.  The first thing that attracts any patron to a business, is the visual aspect.  If your business is presentable and looks appealing, it is going to draw in people.  Plantscape, Inc. not only carries artificial flowers, but topiaries, trees, plant containers, fountains and much, much more! Offices, Health Care Facilities, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, and Government Buildings could all benefit from this service, that creates an enlightening atmosphere to all who see it.

Do you enjoy social media as much as I do? They've got you covered there as well, be sure to browse their social media platforms: