Friday, July 2, 2010


So Thursday around noon I am lounging on my parents couch, the kids are running about driving me insane and my mom blurts out after hanging up the phone with my sister, "Mickey is going to have a c section on Monday".

Of course immediatley the gears in my head start turning and I am scheming up ways to get from the Carolina's clear across the US to California. I have no money in all honesty, but I have a credit card and a credit card that I saved for such purposes.

It was a hard decision to go, because I had never been away from my son EVER, and I have never been away from my daughter for any amount of time really other than the hours she sleeps or when she went to pre k. But when my mom refused to fly and my dad wouldn't go, I knew it was time for my big butt to get a way there to be my sister's maiden in shining armour * hahaha * joke joke.

So eventually that night we bought a ticket roundtrip, for under 400 bucks, and here it is I will be going to bed to sleep a few hours and then I will embark on my FIRST ever SOLO flight. No turning back, it's a done deal, non refundable.

Not only will I concur my fear of heights and planes, I will also concur my fear of being alone in a large crowd of strangers. CRAP! Forget all that, I am good in God's hands. What I am scared about is if I am going to be able to run fast enough to get from my switching flight from one end of Charlotte Douglas Airport allllll the way to the other end.

Oh airport folks, you mock me, you like to see a gal run! even if I don't have to run, I am still going to run, because even more than my fear of heights and planes and crowded places, I fear being LOST and being LEFT behind.

Yes, my lovely blog readers, you will come to learn in due time, I have very many irrational and ridiculous fears. Some common, some bizarre, I own them:)

So this time tomorrow I will be in California and I get to see my VERY best friend in the world whom I have not seen since November!! I am ecstatic!! And I get to be there for the birth of my first neice! And?!!? I GET TO BE THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR IT ALL!!

Can't say I never traveled across the united states for a photo op?! haha - I'm totally kidding. I am elated, I am scared, I am nervous, and I will not eat before my plane ride incase my anxiety makes me want to puke.

I only hope my riding partner doesn't hate that he/or/she has to be stuck with an anti social like myself. GREAAAT hahahha! g'night dear readers!! <3 !! I hope to be in California safe and sound tomorrow and I hope Doug takes good care of the kids while i am gone. I am sooo nervous!


  1. Love, Love, LOVE IT!!! I am soooo excited to see you tomorrow! I'm just thrilled! We will have such a great time. It means more to me than you can ever imagine. I know when I was there for Mimi and Ethan, it was just amazing -- even though I could not be on the OR, I was still right outside waiting! I'll never forget seeing both of them as they were taken from the OR to the nursery -- just amazing. Mimi looking into the sun, blinded and Ethan in his little hospital cradle! Ahhh, I miss them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming. Truly, words cannot express how happy this has made me. And for your flight and layover, just breath!! hehe, it will be great.. and long... reaaaaaaaally long. xxxxo LOVE YOU!!