Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Been a while..

Sometimes I don't know where my life goes or in what direction, or how fast. It seems like there are so many changes and so little time to blog about them all. Not that much of it is even remotely interesting, but sometimes it makes me feel good to spill my beans to the world.

So what's going on? Baby girl started Kindergarten. Just last year she was in Pre K, now she's growing up so fast, and I love to watch her grow, and other times my clingy mama side says, oh gosh, before I even realize it, she will be 18 and what will become of me?

From the time I was 21 and pregnant with her, I pretty much defined myself solely as a mother. Nothing more, nothing less, just mom. And I think it will be hard to picture myself being anything else. And then bubby came along and now I am doubly thinking, man being a mom really does mean wearing your heart on your sleeve, and now I have to do it x 2.

I realize it's a huge responsibility, and sometimes I wonder why God trusted ME, of all people with such precious beings. Part of me already knows why, I needed them to grow, and they need me. And I only hope to never let them down, but I am sure at some point no parent is perfect.

Anyway, KINDERGARTEN?! wow, what a transformation from Pre K to Kindy, huh?

Then a week ago, some of my Jersey family came down & my sister came down from California with my baby neice. It was a great time to catch up, only everything was so chaotic and Ethan was a hot mess and my parents house isn't child proof, which meant a lot of time for me at my own home minus family interaction.

Sometimes it's just easier to forego the family fun when it entails chasing a busy body 16 month around and hearing my father huff about everything he does. (haha).

Then I took a few photos of my sister's best friends baby (the lighting was harsh and I only managed a few good shots) but we were on a time crunch and had to get a few done before she left for Georgia again. So here's a couple:

What a cute baby. Definatley not my best work:( and this makes me sad, but, again, the lighting was harsh and the timing was off.

Aside all this, I did get one relaxing night at Myrtle Beach with my unusually loud children, courtesy of my awesome sister and her awesome fiance. And then we ate ate the Spring House, and I got sick right away (the eggs were not cooked right). But it was still good;) haha! But my sister kept MiMi, so she treated her to Ripley's Aquarium, where they did not honor an inactive duty military i.d. for her fiance. Kind of sad, the man goes overseas so many times and can't get the discount. C'mon business', what about the veterans? Back in the day they had drafts and men and woman were not going back to back overseas, I don't know how the military families survive these lengthy back to back deployments, I think even those who get out should get the military discounts. I can't even begin to phathom being in a war torn country, let alone over and over and over. But that's another rant for another day.

How has everyone been? <3 Loves!

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