Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Fake Tree, Still Lovely To Me :)

Last year we went all out and splurged on a real tree. What I remember the most beside the awesome smell, was that it dried out right before Christmas. I loved the real tree, because it brought back childhood memories of my dad cussing as he trimmed and put ours up.  We'd usually sit around and bake cookies with my mom watch my mom bake cookies;) Watch the countless re runs of "A Christmas Story" and color in our over sized 98 cent store Christmas coloring books.

My parents didn't have a lot, but every Christmas they always tried to go all out. My dad used to be excited to decorate the entire house, they would light up with joy watching us smile as we hurriedly opened gifts.

Some times our family friends, Mary & Paul would come over.

I miss Killeen, Texas sometimes. Or maybe it's just the memories I miss and not the location?

So this year, we decided since we are on a very tight budget, we would dust off the old FAUX Christmas Tree. One advantage is, it is pre lit. I remember MiMi's first Christmas. it was 2005. She was 9 months old. We were too poor to afford a tree of any kind. I bought a tiny little 5 dollar garden center tree that looked like a Christmas tree and put it on our coffee table with gifts piled around it. It wasn't much, but we tried.

As Christmas ended, we had a few gift cards to Wal Mart. We went a few days after Christmas and got a fake tree that was normally $100 bucks for $20. It was such an excitement to me.
Come to think of it, that was probably the first time I ever bargain shopped. Who'd of thought? ;)

I let the kids decorate it (Ethan was more interested in sticking ornaments on top of branches so Sissy corrected those for him).
Next week MiMi & I will do our traditional holiday crafting and try to get bubby in on it.

And while I miss the aroma and feel goodness that a real tree brings, nothing a little cedar lit candle won't cure :)

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