Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pottery Barn Inspired Glass Bathroom Canisters for 1/3 the price!!

Every once in a blue moon, I can afford to splurge at Pottery Barn. It's usually only during income tax return, AND it's usually on an item I can't get cheaper or similar ANYWHERE. (Like the bedding in our master bedroom).

When my Pottery Barn catalogs come, I drool over the new things, and get a zillion ideas of things I want to do in my humble abode. Of course - much of this is typical day dreaming.

Lately, I have been eyeballing these glass bathroom canisters.
The large ones retail for $44

I obviously can't afford the $44 sticker price tag. So, I was tickled pink to see these LARGE glass cookie jars in Wal Mart's kitchen isle. Price tag? Less than 8 bucks for the EXTRA LARGE and only 4.99 for the medium :) cha-ching!  I scooped them up and cleared my cluttered built in bath cabinet ASAP!

Don't they just look right at home in the bathroom?

On jar houses q-tips.  Then you have my kohl's candle with dollar tree rocks in a hand me down hurricane. And my extra large canister..I was at loss what to do with it..and I decided my star fish from Key West, FL would make a lovely addition :)

So for under 15 bucks for BOTH I have a CHEAP - Pottery Barn inspired bathroom setup. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

I got the lovely bath towels from kohl's on sale (FREE TO ME with a $50 visa rewards kohl's card). and the shower curtain was also from kohl's.

To see the before photos of the 65 rancher bathroom remodel - Take a peak here.

Here is what the cluttered built in's looked like before I made them look "pretty"


mmm - hmm, we know which one looks better :)

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