Monday, June 25, 2012

A budget bathroom upgrade (framing the built ins)

So, I have these built in shelves in my bathroom. Sadly, I do not have a before photo - but if you can, try and imagine these bad boys as being chipped golden oak, that matched all the other 60's dated oak accessories, in a very outdated bathroom. Mmm-hmm - was truly that bad :) To see some before images of the bathroom, feel free to click one of the labels below. Anyway, so after the tile was put up I felt, geez, I love these built ins, but they need some flair! And so I had this idea, to use thick MDF boards and 
paint it white and box it in (farm house style).  I also had to patch up the old drywall. Total cost $30. It's not fully complete, but I wanted to post a sneak peak anyway.

 So here we go..BEFORE: 

My Vision:

After being painted in semi gloss - BRIGHT WHITE :))

The crown moulding I will eventually add to the top to give it a nicer trim (saw this idea on pinterest)

So far:

I had to do a mirror shot, because the toilet was in the way of getting a 
decent shot (they are bigger, the angle makes them appear narrow).

Looks loads better already! I will be sure to post an update when I add the crown moulding and put my items back in the shelves. A cheap upgrade does a world of wonders :))

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