Saturday, September 22, 2012

White Washing Red Brick

If you've been following my blog, you know I have been in the process of a budget renovation in my den. I painted wood beams white (along with trim work) I painstakingly primed red walls and made them a beautiful blue green color. And then there was the brick dilemma..

First I wanted to paint it...then I went against it. I googled white washed brick to my hearts content, but I still could not decide.

Brick, I mean, it's just SO permanent, once you change it, there's no going back with out a ton of work and even then you're pretty much never getting the original facade again.

I found a blog called Beneath My Heart, and loved her white wash bricks so much that I really wanted to give it a go. I'd searched for SOME TIME, and believe me it was NOT an easy decision. But this lovely lady's bricks looked so nice I had to try.

I was skeptical in that my bricks were red. But, what the hey, no turning back. I committed myself to the project and never looked back.

I found some of my old Olympic semi gloss white latex paint and mixed 1 cup of water per 1 cup of paint. Sometimes I would add a little more water as I went along.

I brushed each brick individually with one coat of paint and let some of the red brick soak it up and show through.  Once it was all dry, I knew I had made a wise decision. The room looks a million times better and the brick has character. I am in love! - I hope to get a better picture in daylight :) SO MUCH BETTER!!

After, with one coat, it's so much better:)) Whenever I finally do complete this room I am filling it with my Pottery Barn knock off furniture and items :))
Below: Ignore the clutter, the room is still being renovated (my ceilings are NOT sloped, it's just the angle of the camera).

Seriously, a very timely process :))

I totally love it and am so glad I went for it!

Below: A before shot of the bricks

::Please, I beg of you to ignore the clutter, this room is a far ways from being finished :))

Please take a look at how much I have changed the carport extension already:
Another Partially after, Pier 1 import curtains and Kohl's rattan pumpkin and owl :))

Next up?? Ripping up the carpet and making the plywood sub floor look like LARGE Dark Wood Plank Flooring. I can't wait. This home has come a LOOOONG way!!


  1. Can you tell me what paint you used? Would you suggest doing an exterior?

    1. Of course, I used Olympic Semi Gloss, White Latex Paint. It's at Lowe's. I did 1 cup water per 1 cup paint (sometimes I'd add a little more water). Since my brick is in an enclosed carport addition, I can't comment on how it would hold up for exterior, but imagine if you used the same formula with exterior specific paint it would be just fine, so long as you remove all the mildew/dirt and grime before going at it. The thing I like about white washing, is it keeps the brick porous, so if you later decide you'd like to go back to brick color all you have to do is use a brick dye and go over the paint unlike If you painted it with regular paint. Good luck :)