Thursday, September 6, 2012

$699 Pottery Barn White Paned Mirror DIY Knock off Photo Tutorial for $30

Everyone has seen the Pottery Barn Egan Mirror knock offs, and I myself wanted to try it. I found a simple tutorial over at using dollar tree mirrors taped to foam board. Initially, I wanted to try this myself, but I figured the black was a little too much contrast for the light airy feel I was trying to give my home.  So I ventured onto Pottery Barn's website and found something right up my alley: The Pottery Barn White Paned Mirror (aka the Chippy Wood Mirror). 

I was beyond smitten with it, but for $699, I certainly couldn't afford the price tag (it's worth every dime, but I am a budget spender). And so with the idea to use Dollar Tree Mirrored Frames from's Egan tutorial, I took my spin and made my own version of a different mirror altogether.

I'd have to say it's not an exact knock off but it's pretty darn close and looks amazing in person! (NOTE: I WILL GET A BETTER PHOTO WHEN I HANG IT AND MY DEN RENO IS COMPLETE) :))

SO, I am sure you want to know how to make this gem, HERE WE GO :


* 20 framed mirrors from the Dollar Tree = $20

* Power Grab Adhesive (it dries in 10 seconds literally) - FREE - I had it on hand

* KRYLON'S Satin Ivory spray paint - $4 or less at Wal Mart

* Acrylic Black and White paints (FREE I had it on hand, but about $1 or less in craft stores)

* A large sheet of plywood - $5 at Lowe's


Now that you have your supplies, let me show you the step by step photo tutorial to get you going :))

STEP 1:  
     - Remove Mirrors and backing from EACH frame and set aside (try not to buy the red frames b/c they DO NOT cover well, they turn pink, even with multiple coats of Krylon's primer spray paint) I bought browns and blacks.  After you disassemble each mirror spray paint with Krylon's Satin Ivory (2 -3 coats should be fine, and you can do it in one setting) **PLEASE IGNORE MY CARPET, THIS ROOM IS UNDER RENOVATION AND IS BEING REPLACED SOON**

Let them dry about 15 minutes just to be safe :))

STEP 2: 
     -Line all your frames on the plywood and make pencil markings, cut off excess. Once you have cut the excess off Spray Paint a light coat of the same spray paint over the board (in case any shows through) Also spray the edges of the plywood as this will show when you later hang it).

STEP 3: 
     - Put your mirrors back into the frames (push the tabs down to lock them in), Then put the Power Grab in a caulking gun and apply a liberal amount to the entire back side's outer edges  and in the middle of each frame (ONE AT A TIME) Line up to your plywood edge to edge/corner to corner and press FIRMLY for ten SOLID seconds on both top and bottom and again on sides. IT WILL be stuck and won't move after this.  Apply each other frame the same way. Start Horizontally with lining them and then work onward.

STEP 4: 
     - Squirt a small amount of black acrylic paint and a small amount of white acrylic paint onto a plate (or hefty paper), with a small foam brush dab the corner ONLY into the black paint then a small dab into the white and then another small dab of black back onto the tip. Use a swish back and forth motion in the creases and edges an random areas around the frames and pick the brush up with a swipe. This will give the frames that distressed old window look like the Pottery Barn's White Pane Mirror :)

       - Obtain a heavy duty photographic hook from a framing store (or arts and crafts store in the framing section). AND HANG AND ENJOY the fact you've saved yourself roughly $670 :))  
**NOTE:  Because I am still renovating the room I am hanging this in I have yet to get a hook for it, but here are some photos of my finished product. I will add better photos once I finish this den renovation and hang it over the electric panel box in that room**.

Side By Side Comparison: 

Pottery Barn's $699 White Paned Mirror

My $30 Knock off White Paned Mirror

ENJOY!!! AND PLEASE Share the tutorial and your own version of this knock off  :)) This is the first Pottery Barn White Paned Mirror tutorial on the web so I am excited to share it! And of course THANKS to for the original idea of using Dollar Tree Mirrors :))

**NOTE: I have made a video showing how to apply the black and white paints for distressing, if anyone needs help doing this please comment below so I can link you the video**.

*EDIT* 3 January 2013: FINALLY put it up, in my bedroom:) What do you all think? I am in love!


  1. Hello, i was about to buy this mirror at Pottery barn. can you please send me the link on distressing?

  2. Hi there, can you send me a link to the video for distressing the paint. I was also going to buy the same mirror from pottery barn.

  3. Hello, same here, then I found your this site. Please send tutorial to Thank you!

  4. Hello, same here, and then I found your site. Please send tutorial to Thank you!

  5. Hello, ladies, my apologies, my computer crashed some time ago and I had lost the video tutorial to distress. I will try to explain it the best I can. What I did was squirt a dab of black acrylic paint and white acrylic paint onto a plate. I would use a small foam brush (using just the tip) and I'd do a back and forth swipe motion on random places on the mirror. Then I would tip the same brush into the mixture of two paints and do a light grey and sporadically apply the paint in the same swiping motion over random parts of the mirrors frame. If areas appeared too dark, I would use just the white to lighten it. There are other methods you can use, but I found this to be the easiest, least time consuming. I hope at some point I am able to make another video and upload it.

  6. LOVE THIS! In the process of making this myself but I was wondering, how thick was that plywood you used? I bought some plywood but it seems too thin and I'm afraid of it warping.

    1. HELLO, the plywood I used wasn't thick at all, I want to say it was 1/8th - It's held up really well:) Hope that helps:)

  7. I love this, thank you for posting your idea.

  8. this is the best I have seen but SOOO not cool that I can't see any of the pictures for the tutorial! I can only see like 4. I tried going through the app and my pc. :(

    1. Not sure what happened, must have been a glitch in the server. The photos are up and working again. :)

  9. I love this! I definitely want to try it - thank you for posting!

  10. I'm a little late to the party, but I almost bought one of these from a store near me for $400. Fortunately it was a little bit too big for our spot. Now I can't wait to make one. Thanks so much!

    1. Yay:) glad you saved money:) I'm sure yours looks just as great!

  11. Two years after your post I'm giving this a try. I love yours so much. I hope mine can look even half as nice!