Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School - 2nd Grade

I try not to post too much personal information on my own children, as the blog is open to the public, and recently I have found my blog and content to have been copied by another blogger (to include my children's images). - Nothing that took too long to resolve, the google staff was quick to purge my content from the other blogger's site.

So, I hate to watermark my personal images, but I feel for my own best interest, I will have to.

On Monday, the 27th, MiMi started 2nd grade. I'm sure she was equally relieved to escape her clingy little brother and venture into new, yet familiar territory. Of course, I had to walk her to school (her classroom, let's not leave off how clingy I am as well hehe) - and take photos. Just a few though.

It's always hard for me each year to remember, that just yesterday - though it was 3 years ago, I was walking her to pre k for the first time. My shy little 4 year old, in her cute little school uniform, while I hoisted a chubby baby boy on my hip.

Then came kindergarten, Ethan was in a stroller, and I would walk her to class for only a week, before the teacher encouraged independence and had me break free to let her grow.

First grade, was a little different, I was baby sitting my sister's best friends little girl and I loaded my little car with two toddlers and MiMi and walked her to class just twice.

Second grade, as luck would have it, both of our neighbor's little girls share a class with MiMi and so I was able to bring them both in for their first day. She once again, has been blessed with a wonderfully friendly beautiful teacher, and I couldn't be happier. - If only all teacher's could realize how special they are to most of us who realize how hard they work. To me they are one of the most important influences in each child's life. They are after all like family, you grow accustomed to seeing them for nearly a year, they are trusted by you and your children and more importantly, they give the gift of education - one of the most special gifts a child carries throughout their lives.

After that she explained very matter of fact, that she could walk herself.

No problem, I thought, I have my first day pictures, I'll just creep in on the major school events and leave it at that.

I really must say though, once your children hit pre k, the years just fly..they fly so far away and you are trying to do a mixture of balancing time and enjoying each moment.

Some are successful, some not so much. :))  I hope my baby has a great year in school, and I hope she will always apply herself and enjoy her education.

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