Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer's No Fun When Your AC Unit Dies..

..Summers. Normally they can be enjoyable; time in the sprinkler or pool, warm weather, lots of outdoor fun with the kids, a tall glass of iced tea. No, not this summer. It's been the hottest summer in Fayetteville, since I can remember. It's so hot, we've spend many a day inside cooling off and letting the 105+ humid days roll by, praying for a nice long fall to not skip us again this year.

And then, one day, as luck would have it, I am sitting in the den when my breaker box starts making an on and off buzzing or humming noise, the lights begin to flicker and I am like "great, we have an electrical issue, wonder how costly this is going to be".

After isolating it to the breaker controlling the air conditioning unit, we replace the breaker switch, just to learn it wasn't the problem. So instead, to avoid a risk of a possible fire (I guess, I don't know it didn't sound too nice, don't want to take my chances), we turn the a/c off and wait until morning.

So, at this point, I am not sure who to call. The A/C is running fine, but the breaker box wants to sound like it's going to burst when it's on. Do I call an HVAC tech or do I call an electrician? hmmm, I think a while..

I call a random electrician here in Fayetteville, I explain my problem, tell him I replaced the breaker switch, tell him it's ONLY when the a/c comes on and the lights flicker the box makes a loud noise. I ask, "honestly, do you think this is an electrical issue or an hvac issue". He tells me, "it's electrical". I ask what is fee to diagnose the problem is, he tells me "$75 service fee and then $69 an hour to fix it". I tell him "okay, come on by".

He shows up, he and his assistant turn my oven burners on the highest heat setting EVER, leave them on and my smoke alarm goes off and my house smells like death. After a while he turns it off, does more testing with a meter at the breaker box then says, "let me try the a/c" - which is what i told him it was to begin with mind you!  After that he says, "it's your ac" I say, "I know, so is it something on your end you can fix"? He says, "no you'll need an hvac tech". okaaaaay?? Did I not just ask him this? Did he just waste 20 minutes to test my oven which isn't even on the same circuit as my a/c to tell me what I told him on the phone?

So I feel kind of "duped" and when I am ready to pay I am expecting to pay the $75 service charge. Only he  tells me $95!? I mean, I am all for paying the $75 because he came out, but why am I being charge $20 for 20 minutes?! NOTHING was fixed! There was no electrical issue, $20 is a lot to me. Anyway I don't say anything and pay it, but I can't help but feel totally blind sided and taken advantage of. I semi want to tell the world who the company was, but am hesitant. AND the kicker?! He has me make a personal check out TO HIM, not the COMPANY? He must be the owner..but very shoddy, to take advantage of apotential client and know the problem isn't electrical but weazle your way in to get 95 bucks..YOU'RE WELCOME sheister!! But do know you won't get reference in the market I work in :)) Bad call for you!

Moving along, we called our usual a/c guy, who will come today to diagnose it, which is a $65 service charge..part of me thinks it is going to be a pricey part, and the unit is old, I pray he can fix it for the time being, but I feel it is going to need a new unit.

I have no idea what a new unit will run for a just under 1300 sq. ft.  home with existing duct work. I'm sure it's 3k+ and to be honest that exhausts both my savings and credit line.

(SIGH)..ooooh a/c, why couldn't you wait to take your final sputters towards fall. Why during the hottest summer in God's Green earth when times are already tight must you decide it's time to commit suicide.

If by chance an hvac tech happens upon this post and lives in my area, and wants to qoute me for a new unit, I'd be more than happy to consider it.

As it stands, I have a migraine, I want to cry and my luck just comes in the worst assortment.

THANK GOD I have been doing well with couponing..or else I'd really barely get by. Well, so much for budget remodels, more issues have suddenly sucked me dry of money.

It really is, waaaaaaaaaaay to hot for the a/c to be down :((

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