Sunday, August 19, 2012

CVS couponing trips for the week of 8/19/2012

So, I know I have once again, neglected to update this blog as often as I'd like.  My a/c is still out, and there has been a lot going on, but never the less, I have still been finding ways to save with the blessings I call coupons & CVS sales :)

Here is just an example of a great deal I partook in today at CVS on Charmin toilet paper.

CVS has the 16 double rolls of Charmin TP on sale for $9.99 a package. When you spend $30 you receive $10 back in store credit (ecbs). - Don't worry if you're a few cents below the $30 cut off, you will still receive the $10 credit back!

These same rolls are at Wal Mart for $13.47, so right away it is a great deal! Now let me show you how you can roll your previous ECB's onto new deals that ALSO earn ECB's to maximize your dollar!

So for what you would be paying a little over $40 for at Wal Mart, here is what you can get at CVS using your store coupons and ecb's wisely!

Here's the break down:
THREE 16 Double Rolls of Charmin @ $9.99 each
- $3 off $15 purchase coupon (CVS email)
= $26.97
-$10 in extra care bucks from previous weeks transaction
= $16.97 
-.25 coupon in newspaper insert
= $16.72 + $1.89 pre coupon tax total
=$18.61 out of pocket

You get back a $10 extra care buck on this transaction making it $8.61 for all THREE packages
(the same ones you would pay $40 for at Wal Mart).

This makes it $2.87 PER 16 ROLL PACKAGE!!! WOW!! :)

Want to learn how I got the $10 extrabucks from last week?  

Here's How:
(2) Tide @ 11.97 each
(2) Crest w/ Scope @ 2 for 5.50

TOTALS: 29.44 (Also bought a 60 cent candy bar to make it a $30 purchase 
to use the $5 off $30 purchase coupon CVS emailed me today) :)

So $30.04
-$5 off $30 purchase = 25.04
- $10 in ecb's from previous coupon trips
= $15.04
-$2 off the purchase of two Tides (P&G coupon insert in paper)
- (TWO) $2 off any crest (coupon on goodie bag from my kids dentist)
=$9.04 out of pocket
Got back $10 in extra care bucks back for spending $30 in proctor and gamble products per the
sales paper.. making it all FREE plus a $1.04 cent profit :)
(I look at it like this, wal mart doesn't pay you money back to buy certain products)
or you can look at it as $9 bucks for all this (which retail price at wal mart is like buying ONE tide getting
everything else FREE or $$2.25 each item and getting bacfk $10 :D either way it's an incredible deal :D


So, as you can see, you can make that dollar REALLY stretch in a tight economy! With two children, I consider each coupon and CVS's generous rewards program a God send!  :))

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