Saturday, August 11, 2012


One week of no A/C - one estimate for the replacement 2.5 ton goodman with install came back at a little over 4k (I think that's a bit high considering the a/c unit is under 2k and we are using existing duct work) PASS!

The second contractor came out today to evaluate and will have an estimate by Monday. Tomorrow it is going to hit the 90's again, which means my 65 ranch home is going to be close to 100 inside :/ it's always 10 degrees hotter in the house. It's sad when outside is cooler than inside. Like, the other day it was 77, I thought, YAY I can deal! Only it was 87 inside, which was sticky, humid and gross.

A couple of electric fans only go so far. :(

The kids and I have been camping in the living room (it's the coolest room in the house) we set up 3 fans and attempt to sleep some what comfortably..

Since money is tight, we can't just go for any new unit, I mean, whatever we get is gong to completely exhaust our credit line and cash in savings.

I kind of wished this would have happened closer to tax return time.

I hate to know all my savings and credit limit will be completely maxed out in mid August, and Christmas will be 4 months away.

It's already a situation where we live paycheck/paycheck with little  money left over it any (that I coupon to build on things we need when I can, or do budget home upgrades).

I try to be positive and say, well after this it will be another 10-15 years, so it will be well worth it. I also think about how the new unit will cut energy by about 40 percent or slightly less (maybe more if we're really lucky).

I'm glad I got my daughter's back to school shopping done already. Now I am going to have to figure a way to nickel and dime groceries until the time we usually get our tax return (which is always February).

6 months will we get by? I can only pray...

As if the heat wasn't bad enough - I finally caught the bug my son had, so this morning my fever was 101, on top of a sore throat and feeling some kind of aweful an groggy.  Why A/C? Why must you completely die during the hottest summer ever, and then when I get sick?

But, you know what? I will count my blessings, some have far less, some have no a/c EVER, some are fighting wars in countries hotter than my home will ever be and not complaining (God Bless You!). So I'll just keep counting my blessings and stop being a grouch.  What's meant to be will be (and hopefully a 3k install) hahah  - wishful thinking..

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