Thursday, August 2, 2012

ALL This back to school cuteness for ONLY $78.12 (GYMBUCKS factored in) at Gymboree Today!!

WOW, am I glad I randomly wanted to check out Gymboree online today!! I was mailed a 20% off coupon code and when I saw the jackets and boots were deeply discounted I KNEW I had to jump, and the fact I could earn gymbucks too?! Well shoot me and send me to heaven ;)) Had to get the last of my daughter's school/fall shopping done!! I saved SOOO MUCH!! Let's take a peak!

(Gem Bow Faux Suede Boots: $46.95 ON SALE FOR: $20.99)
She wanted these to go with the dress I bought a few entries down)
(Below - Bow Pleated Plaid Skort: $29.95 ON SALE FOR: $20.99)
(Below - Bow Sequin Pony Long Sleeve Top: $21.95 ON SALE FOR $15.99)
(Below - Gem Bow Argyle Short Sleeve Sweater: $34.95 ON SALE FOR: $20.99)
(Below - Bow Cherry Sneaker - $26.95 ON SALE FOR $17.99)
(Below - Bow Cherry T - $21.95 ON SALE FOR $15.49)
(Below - Chordory Hooded Jacket $56.95 ON SALE FOR $20.99)
(Below - Smart Girl's Guide Long Sleeve T $21.95 ON SALE FOR $15.99)
(Below - Toggle Corduroy Jacket $49.95 ON SALE FOR $20.99)
(Below - Bow Plaid Skort $29.95 ON SALE FOR $20.99)
$$$75 IN GYMBUCKS BACK$$$ !!
After using the 20% discount my totals were: $153.12

Then if you count getting back $75 in gymbucks it's like getting EVERYTHING here for only $78.12 !!

Where else can you get TWO jackets, TWO pairs of shoes, TWO cute skirts and FOUR nice tops for $78.12?! Especially that has a near FULL retail value when you list them on ebay later! :) LOVE GYMBOREE!!

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