Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coastal Bathroom Remodel

If you've been following the 60's bathroom renovation in our home over the last few years, I am pleased to say I am COMPLETELY DONE!!

One thing I have been working on is "framing" our built in cabinet. I stalked the internet for days to find a thick molding  idea that worked for us. Ultimately to cut cost, I went with MDF boards and crown moulding.
(See links above to see transformation on the framing it in).

But first, I'd like to share the completed project!

(Below: All framed in and pretty!! Coastal accents bought on a budget in various places)

(Below: Still need to touch up paint in some areas)

(Below: Built in is framed and pretty - decorated with Coastal accents from all over)

(Below: Coral bought at The Green Turtle in Siesta Key, FL (while on vacation last week) for $5.99 - Sea Glass also purcahsed from The Green Turtle for 59 cent each)

(Below: Loved my metal basket SO MUCH, when I first laid eyes on it, knew it would be perfect!)

(Below: Just another view, with flash on)

(Below: Another Coral ($5.99) & Giant Starfish ($4.99) I purchased in Siesta Key, Florida while on vacation this past weekend)

(Below: Probably one of my FAVORITE pieces for the coastal bathroom remodel - An old candle my daughter decorated with sea shells she and Ethan collected off the beautiful white sands of Siesta Key, FL).

(Below: Hot glue and collected sea shells, handmade with LOVE from my daughter, MiMi)

(Below: My baby girl after she made me the seashell candle - A great way to preserve vacation memories!! - I should probably double check my spelling on things, I left off the "ed" in "collected" ;))

(Below: My daughter and her brother collecting the seashells in Siesta Key, Florida last week)

That's it for now, I'll post more vacation photos and portraits I did of family while there on my next blog (hopefully). :))

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