Sunday, January 13, 2013

Free bodysuit + free shipping when you spend $10 at Gymboree - it's back!

I was excited to see the free bodysuit + free shipping (which is $5 alone) coupon code came back!!  I have a nephew, so it's a freebie for him, and I win on free shipping. So I hit up the red balloon sale and this is what I spend a whopping $11.74 (taxes included):

Stripe Double Sleeve Bodysuit (for nephew)
$14.95 on Sale for $5.49 (ends up being free with free bodysuit code)

Poodle Stripe Panty
$5.95 on sale for $3.99

Dot Gingerbread Girl Panty
$5.95 on sale for $2.49

Gingerbread Cookie Panty
$5.95 on Sale for $2.49

Gem Bauble Bracelet
$9.00 on sale for .99

Gem Bauble Bracelet
$9.00 on sale for .99

Totals Before Sales: $50.80

Totals AFTER Red Balloon Sale: $16.04

- FREE BODY SUIT AND FREE SHIPPING COUPON when you spend $10 = $10.95
or with taxes $11.74

That's a savings of $39.85

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