Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gymbucks Redemption

I wasn't really impressed much with the Gymbucks redemption this go around.  I'll just be blunt, nothing was really on sale, and the sales prices were still way over priced in my humble opinion. But non the less, I know when all is said and done this brand does sell well on ebay and at consignment resales for a decent penny ;)

But still, cute items, and I had $25 in gymbucks to spend, so here is what I bought::

Sequin Anchor Stripe Tee:  $21.95

Ooh La La Dog Double Sleeve Tee $24.95 On Sale For: $4.99

Heart Cable Sweater Tunic $36.95 On Sale For: $21.49

Heart Button Plaid Skort: $29.95 On Sale For: $16.99

Totals Before Sales: $113.80

Totals with Store Sales: $65.42
-$25 in Gymbucks =$40.42
Then S&H was $5 and taxes $3 so $48.

Personally I think I would have faired better at the outlets, but I really do love the anchor top and think it will be adorable paired with some skirt she already has.  And I like the Lovable Giraffe line. I can't tell you why I bought the poodle shirt, it's not all too cute, but the $4.99 price tag looked tempting :))

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