Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tales in Motherhood: The messy sock monkey room

I always think, most bloggers tend to post these beautiful images of their homes when they are already clean. I for one must admit, half the time, my own home looks somewhere between an episode of hoarders and me needing Nanny 911 to contain my 4 year olds messy ways.

Nanny 911? Okay, that was perhaps far fetched. My son, for the most part is well behaved - he has always kept to himself, but his room...well, that's another story.

This is how I spent an hour of my day last week. Yep, little man still has the whole sock monkey bedroom theme going for him. At some point, I am sure his above average height will force me to sell the farmhouse toddler bed off, but for the moment, it's far too cute to part with.

*ahem*..The befores:

(Clearly, a tornado has struck the 65 rancher, the youngest child's room was victim to the chaos) ;)

 AND, (sigh) the afters:

 (Below: Cute little sock monkey knock off scentsy warmer, huh? Wal Mart, LOVE IT) :))

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