Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pregnancy updates..

This pregnancy has had it's ups and downs. As of today I stand 23 weeks & some change.  Since my last post, my baby was diagnosed with mild fetal tachycardia. Instead of having the fetal echo done at 29 weeks, they bumped it earlier. I had it done at 22 weeks. They found NO heart defects that were detectable via ultrasound. (GOD is SO GOOD). Everything else looked healthy.

I was mostly excited that our friendly ultrasound tech gave us nice pictures of baby boy & of course confirmed for us, that he was still in fact, a little boy.

Now for some of the downs. Some of my readers may remember I've had a history with pre eclampsia in my first two pregnancies.  My normal 110/70 blood pressure jumped up to 144/96 the day of my echo.  The fetal medicine doctor didn't say anything about it, and since my follow up with my resident obgyn would take place the following day, I thought it was no big deal.

My follow up came and my blood pressure still lingered at a higher than usual number for me.  Apparently this isn't a thing to worry about anymore..  I felt a little un nerved by this.  In the past anytime my numbers shot up so soon they'd investigate.  I was prescribed a blood pressure cuff *which I chose not to get because.let's be honest who wants to spend an extra 80 bucks on one?*.

A few days later I developed a headache. It wouldn't go away. The next day, the headache  lingered with a stronger presence. I thought, I'll sleep it off, it will be fine.  The third day came and the headache was nearly debilitating. Anytime I stood up my head pounded like it would explode. Anytime I coughed, I felt as if I was going through the most intense pain ever.

I waited until Stephen got home and he used a generic blood pressure cuff he had on hand. My blood pressure was 170/100. We are fortunate to have an EMS station outside of our neighborhood, and so we headed there to have a paramedic take it. We wanted to rule out a false reading.

The paramedic took it twice and both times it was 170/100. We were advised to head to labor and delivery to monitor.

At labor and delivery it remained high. They had me give a urine sample and set me up with an annoying hand IV. I wasn't feeling well at all.  They could not find butter beans heart rate on the NST macine and brought in a portable ultrasound where they picked it up.  I was told to lay on my side where for the next hour they monitored my blood pressure while the lab sent off for tests.

Laying on my side made my blood pressure come down to the point the Resident Doctor told us the initial readings were inaccurate. WHAT?! I'm no doctor, I didn't spend years in school, but I know damn well when my blood pressure is high because I get the worst headaches. To test this theory I told her I would take my next reading sitting up as you are supposed to, not laying on your side. As I did the blood pressure was still high - though not at high as our initial entrance takes.

I was given a fioricet which knocked that hellacious headache right out of the water.

I was told my labs were normal and sent home.

They don't treat hypertension unless it remains over 160 / 100 there . This is a little unnerving to me.

It almost makes me question who watches the resident doctors  and gives them the okay on that?!

Another issue is this persistent itchy abdominal rash. One resident says, "I see the bumps" another chimes in, "it's dry skin". (insert what the what face here)... I put lotion on daily, and last time I checked dry skin doesn't create a mini hive like bubble protrusion in multiple places all over my abdomen.  HELP?! lol

I've also developed the ever so annoying pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. That is NO FUN.

Two days later I get an email from my Resident OB clinic and hospital telling me to log into my chart for a new diagnosis. What?? What diagnosis? No one informed me in person.. I log in to see I was diagnosed with gestational thrombocytopenia.  Which is characterized by continual low and dropping platlet counts in pregnancy.  Only, if they had asked me, they'd know my platlets have been in the low normal range for several years. The fact they are dropping even more is the only thing related to pregnancy, but it's nothing new to me.

No calls from the resident MD, nothing. So I wait until the 14th to see what the actual game plan is for this.  It explains a lot of why I feel tired all the time.

Now, I have a little mistrust in the actual obgyn with the lack of communication. And then finding out a resident will perform my third c section, my tubal removal (yes they remove them now) and whatever else they see fit, I am slightly, well, anxious.

I'm no stranger to working with resident obgyns. In the past, however, the actual OB performed the c section with the residents viewing. i almost want to just deny this and request the attending do it, but then I feel guilty that I am robbing someone who busted their tail in school for the last 4+ years their educational experience.  I know they are smart, they pick the best to complete the residency.

...BUT...I feel nervous. I worry. What if they cut too deep? What if my scar tissue presents a problem?  What if the fact I carry extra skin that semi hangs over my previous c section scar is an issue?  What year is the resident who will perform the surgery? Do they have prior incident on record? How many have the done?

Then I tell myself, TRUST GOD. God has this. And so with that being said, I have almost come to the conclusion I will let them. I will suck up my fears and let them. What's the worst thing that can happen? - On second thought, don't answer that. haha.

I only have one request, NO RESIDENT SHALL ADMINISTER the spinal or general anesthesia. TOO MUCH RISK there. If that makes me mean, I guess I am mean. I have to give a little to withdraw a little, and I don't think my nerves can handle all of that. If you happen to be a resident doctor and stumble upon my blog, I truthfully mean no disrespect. I am just a worry wart and perhaps don't know enough about how this whole thing works.  Everyone has to start some where.

 Unfortunately, I'm one of "those patients".

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