Thursday, December 24, 2015

Split Holidays

Being in a split family, means my children have a split holiday.  It means compromise as to have the most normal childhood possible for them.  The kids father and I decided that Christmas would be spend on the 23rd at Stephen's and my house with my parents, and that he would pick them up that night to spend Christmas in Florida with his family.

I don't mind this practice one bit.  The kids get to spend time with everyone, and actually get two Christmas' and there's less fuss for me on the actual date in question.

I didn't take many pictures this year.

I'm lazy.

I take that back: Cleaning non stop and fighting kids and pregnancy makes me worn out quicker.

For Christmas the kids got bikes from Santa, and Ethan got xbox 360 games and a lego set. MiMi got a lego set and some crafty things and a doll bed. - I opted for the journey girls loft bed she requested, because, I'm sorry American Girl, but I'm not spending 3x as much on your product.

I'm frugal.

My parents came and brought the kids a basketball goal and money. After everything was said and done we enjoyed time together and my parents were on their way back to avoid the incoming storm.  Since their father wasn't coming until midnight, I told them we'd take them to toys r us to spend their Christmas money from the grandparents.  Ethan got more xbox 360 games, and MiMi got a journey girls double set with outfits that was on a great discount along with a basketball for the new goal.

I spent a little on some half off carters sets for baby boy. It made me happy.

The day went on quickly and before I knew it they were on their way.  Today I sad feeling emotional, missing the fighting missing the sibling rivalry and wondering what I would do with myself now that I had everything done.  Blogging sounded like a great escape.

Tomorrow, Stephen and I celebrate our Christmas at a local Chinese restaurant and have made that our tradition when the kids are having Christmas day with their dad.  Maybe I liked "A Christmas Story" too much growing up.  Maybe I just have a love for Chinese food.  Or maybe I just want to be a gluten for punishment with all the salt knowing my blood pressure isn't ideal at the moment.

It's okay, I'm drinking so much water today that it should prepare me for it.

I hope you all enjoy Jesus' birthday (CHRISTmas) tomorrow. Bless you all in the coming year.

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