Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Photos

As someone who does photography on the side, I have to once again admit, my own children are possibly the most difficult to photograph. Never the less, I am cheap and kept up with the tradition of doing my own photos. Again. I'm just glad my editing has gotten better over the years. I will try to take more of Danny in the hopes that he will actually look at the camera, but if not, I love these regardless. :)

I've finished my holiday shopping with out even purchasing a single thing in the stores. THANK YOU to, amazon, kohl's and toys r us. I'm just not the kind of woman that enjoys shopping in public, unless it MUST be done. Wrangling a fussy baby is not my forte.

I'm pleased with the photos. :) I only wish I had the patience to take more. (haha)...

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