Monday, December 12, 2016

Oh, Christmas Tree

The tree is up. I wish I had something more fancy to say. That's all I've got.  If I manage to leave the house looking half human, with some form of makeup on, that's fancy too. I feel like a Walking Dead cast member most days.  Really, having a baby in my thirties is so much more taxing on me than it was in my twenties.

So, we found a tree lot in Wilmington, and they had two different varieties of Christmas trees. We settled on the typical one (not the long leaf pine).   $65 later, it was on the top of the van. The tree lot had a very sweet Santa, so we visited him too.  He let us take photos, and we left him a donation.

In the past, I would push to get the perfect picture. These days though, I'm like, "okay SMILE" (or don't), and SNAP! First two look wonky? Eh, there's a third. Third one's off? Too bad, it's better than the overpriced mall Santa pictures where they don't put much effort in either. Am I right?

So there's that. Later that night, MiMi and I went out and bought ornaments. I have no clue what became of my old ones.  They were lost in the move. Some how between Point A to B, they jumped ship. Who knows what became of them.

A few days later, we finally decorated Danny's Doc Band. We settled on snoopy vinyl's we bought online. Gives it a better look. We skipped the whole mod podge, since we bought two sets and want to decorate it later with something different.

Parenthood, it's exhausting.

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