Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Bitching in June..

Yes, the title suggests it all.

No one likes a negative Nancy, so I try to keep my bitching to a minimum, but sometimes I can't help myself, it all started off with the heat. This ungodly 97 degree heat. And no, it's not dry heat like when I lived in Texas and the 100 degree days were nothing really. Oh no loves, 97 degrees in the Carolina's is like hell. Hell on earth. The humidity is intolerable. It's so insanely hot that I have my thermostat set at 80 and it STILL runs all day and won't go below 84 degrees. Oh sweet Jesus.

Yes, I realize while I bitch about the heat in the comfort of my own small home, others have it far worse, and for that I should shame myself. But no, I just want to have my moment of negativity and vent it out safely on a blog;) After all, that is what blogs are for, venting :D Well, venting, sharing ideas, etc.

Coupled with the heat, my neighbors dogs are INFESTED with fleas, and all I can think is, oh dear Gah, it's just a matter of time before those things get into my yard. Really, I know frontline is expensive, but it's worth every dime, Why would you let your animal suffer like that? heat + fleas = no picnic for a poor pooch. I know, we happily coughed up the money to keep our dog on it. That and, well let's just say if I ever get fleas in my house EVER again, I will completely lose my mind, that is HOW hard they are to get rid of. However, if you notice them right away and immediately wash all the linens and mop everytihng daily for a good couple weeks coupled with whatever fabulous chemical cocktail terminix uses, they will be gone in no time at all. THANK GOD FOR TERMINIX & Murphy's oil soap:D heaven sent blessing!! Never trust any over the counter flea foggers, the first time we had fleas they took MONTHS to get rid of and we spent near a thousand bucks, all it took was a call to terminix and 120 bucks later and they were goooone!

So yeah, as you can tell I'll probably rip my neighbors head off at the first sign of one of those pesky things in my yard:D hehe. Thankfully we kept our contract with terminix and if they should come back they'll treat right away. I tend to have a love hate relationship with that company, but they made right the wrongs one tech did so I am pleased for the moment being:)

I admit I am super anal about bugs and critters, I DO NOT WANT THEM, AT ALL lol.

So what else can I complain about?

Well the heat's so hot I can not do any outdoor photos which means absolutely no money my way. Which isn't such a bad thing I suppose, only I was hoping to save the side income and set it aside for when MiMi starts kindergarten.

I like to have money set aside as to avoid breaking out the dreaded credit card that carries a 22 percent interest rate (butt rape, if you ask me, given our credit is flawless!). BUUUUT, I guess some one's gotta pay for all the defaulters and of course the credit regulations on raising hte interest rate, they companies had to raise it before the law went into effect. (shrugs).

Personally I think they should make it waaay harder to get a credit card. Not only that, I think they should be more thorough in approving credit cards, it's so easy to steal some one's info and assume their identity (I know first hand). The credit card companies who issue cards to false persons should be held liable, not the victim.

Again, negative Nancy is on a roll here. ;)

Yeah, so aside all of my mad woman rambling and bitching, I am also very thankful that I have a roof over my head and that I could have so much more to complain about so I will just count my blessings, and thanks for letting me do what we all do from time to time..because let's face it; bitching feels GOOD!

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  1. hey, there's nothing wrong with venting. it's totally healthy. and it's great that you have a blog that you can do it on! if you ever wanna vent into my ears then have some positive feedback, you have my number. :) i can be just as negative as the next person, but it's also good to have someone chime in with way that you can make it better. :) xoxo.